June 1, 2001

Dynamic, Elegant, Versatile: The New Audi A4 Avant
Text and photos courtesy of Audi AG

Audi is proud to present the most attractive and modern interpretation of the Avant concept so far: the new generation of the A4 Avant is entering the market.

The new A4 Avant has a clear pledge and commitment right from the start: to set the benchmark in the upmarket estate car segment by combining design and performance, elegance and versatility more than any other car in this segment.

Beautiful estate cars are called Avant. And this name has already been acknowledged for a long time as the epitome of attractive design. Indeed, about 40 percent of the customers of the previous A4 Avant state that the design of their car was their first and foremost purchasing motive - a percentage far greater than with the competition. This success clearly gives Audi a commitment for the future in general and for the new model in particular.

The new A4 Avant re-affirms this famous name. Like the current A4 saloon, the new Avant is characterised by purest clarity in design. Features typical of Audi design are the high waistline and the discreet wedge shape - the car certainly offers a unique standard of harmony in design continuing consistently throughout the interior.

An important point is that the new Avant also offers more space and functionality. Its character is likewise borne out by cutting-edge technology such as the continuously variable transmission multitronic and the widely praised aluminium suspension of the A4 saloon. Petrol and TDI engines combining superior power with equally superior fuel economy, finally, ensure the dynamic performance so typical of the brand.

The definition of a new segment - precisely this was the successful achievement of the previous A4 Avant presented by Audi in 1996 and finding more than 300,000 customers in Western Europe alone. The name "Avant" is acknowledged as the synonym for the compact upmarket estate. And this success is clearly borne out by hard facts and figures: the Avant's share in the overall production of the Audi A4 so far is 44 percent, much greater than the share of other estate cars in the premium segment.

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