More space, greater versatility

Through its dimensions alone, the new A4 Avant confirms the quantum leap from the "old" to the new generation. Overall exterior length of the new A4 is 4.54 metres. The wheelbase is 33 millimetres longer than on its predecessor, and particularly the passengers at the rear benefit from 43 millimetres more kneeroom. The increase in width to 1766 millimetres also means a lot more comfort for the passengers, the passengers at the front benefiting from an extra 17 millimetres and the passengers at the rear from an even more significant 29 millimetres more elbow room.

The smooth, flat luggage compartment with a loading width of exactly 1000 millimetres quite unique in the B-segment offers particular benefits in practice. This is made possible by the compact design of the rear axle already featured in the current A4 saloon and tailored from the start to the specific requirements of the Avant and its luggage area.

The luggage compartment of the new A4 Avant offers 52 litres more loading capacity than before, up from 390 litres on the predecessor to 442 litres. With the rear-seat backrest tilted forward, the A4 Avant even offers 1184 litres according to the ECIE standard without the rear footwells, or 1288 litres with the footwells.

The new A4 Avant offers significant advantages over the competition also through its superior variability. The rear-seat backrest, for example, folds down in a 1/3:2/3 split. A dual-purpose cassette featured as standard at the rear of the backrest houses both the luggage compartment cover and the partition net between the passenger and luggage compartments. A particular point is that the entire cassette automatically folds forward with the wider part of the rear-seat backrest and can then be taken out conveniently through the rear side door.

This provides a large loading area from front to rear and side to side: 1787 millimetres long and exactly 1000 millimetres wide, plus maximum height of 843 millimetres quite sufficient for transporting even bulky objects.

Beneath the loading area the Audi A4 Avant offers an additional storage compartment with a volume of 65 litres. And the entire floor of the loading compartment can be folded together, raised up behind the rear seats or removed entirely in order to use the full capacity of the lower storage compartment, too.

Another innovation beneath the loading compartment is the plastic tray fitted firmly in the body for transporting dirty objects. With its firm and resistant surface, this tray is of course particularly easy to clean.

A net on the left-hand side of the luggage compartment serves to safely take up small odds and ends. Then there is also a storage box with a folding cover on the left-hand side, integrated conveniently in the side panel. A 12V socket on the right-hand side, in turn, supplies power for a cooling box, for instance.

The tailgate of the A4 Avant is also a clear pledge to consistent functionality. Opening to a wide angle, the tailgate can be closed conveniently both from the right and from the left thanks to the two grab recesses. The gas-pressure springs, finally, allow the driver to keep the open tailgate also in a low, intermediate position - simply ideal in a low garage.

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