Technical features: dynamic performance and superior comfort all in one

The new Audi A4 Avant. As with the saloon, state-of-the-art petrol and TDI engines ensure outstanding performance on the road. All of the petrol engines undercut the emission limit of the EU IV standard, all TDI engines remain below the EU III limit.

Two newly developed engines represent the most modern, advanced highlights within the range of petrol units: the two-litre straight-four developing 96 kW (130 bhp) and the 3.0-litre V6 developing 162 kW (220 bhp). The 1.8T developing maximum output of 110 kW (150 bhp) and with qualities proven thousands of times, finally, rounds off the range of four-cylinders.

The range of TDI engines starts with the injector unit 1.9-litre four-cylinder lauded for its powerful acceleration. Maximum output is 96 kW or 130 bhp.

Two V6 TDI power units displacing 2.5 litres are also available for the A4 Avant with maximum output of either 114 or 132 kW (155 or 180 bhp). And a particularly attractive combination of outstanding technologies is also making its world debut in the new model, the 155 bhp V6 TDI being the first TDI in the world to feature the continuously variable transmission multitronic offering a very special driving experience.

Fuel tank capacity up to 70 litres (quattro models: 66 litres) gives the TDI driver a cruising range of up to 1250 km (1.9 TDI 96 kW).

The various models convey their power to the road either through front-wheel drive or with permanent quattro four-wheel drive. They are furthermore available with either five- or six-speed manual or the continuously variable transmission multitronic, Audi's revolutionary drive technology being introduced on all front-wheel drive versions of the A4 Avant as of 96 kW or 130 bhp. The quattro models, in turn, are available with five-speed tiptronic transmission.

The aluminium lightweight suspension sets the standard for the future. With unsprung masses reduced to a minimum, this chassis ensures outstanding behaviour and dynamic performance already praised warmly by motor journalists upon the debut of the saloon.

In active and passive safety the Avant again offers the high standard the A4 saloon has already achieved. The Electronic Stability Program ESP 5.7 complete with hydraulic brake assist is featured as standard. Other standard features are side airbags at the front and Audi's SIDEGUARD head airbag system. Forming part of the comprehensive restraint concept, this system, together with the superior stability of the passenger cell, gives the A4 Avant its outstanding crash safety.

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