Safety Features & Materials

The car's safety also profits from the body's rigid structure. The Audi development engineers' objective was a level of stability and thus crash resistance that is equal in every way to that of the A4 saloon. This model has already demonstrated in impressive style just how effective its safety concept is in several crash tests, including the Euro NCAP test for which it was awarded four stars.

The comprehensive safety package contains seat belts with belt-force limiter and belt tensioner, together with full-size front and side airbags. The side airbags integrated into the front seats are designed to protect the head and thorax.

An active roll-over protection system provides additional safety if the car overturns. In this case, two protective bars, controlled by sensors, are triggered behind the rear seats within milliseconds. Together with the extremely rigid windscreen frame they help to preserve the necessary survival space both for the front and rear passengers if the car rolls over.

The Electronic Stability Program ESP with hydraulic brake assist provides for maximum active safety.

The Audi A4 Cabriolet has an electro-hydraulically operated hood with a heated glass rear window as standard equipment. Outstanding acoustic insulation and excellent suitability for winter conditions are attributes that can be taken for granted on the hood of an Audi Cabriolet.

Another aspect that can be taken for granted is the outstanding material quality and finish of the interior. The interior design, perfectly matched to the styling of the exterior, gives the entire Audi A4 Cabriolet a homogenous overall impression. The striking centre console is the cornerstone of the distinctly sporty cockpit. Round air vents with aluminium trim rings underline the dynamic overall appearance. In this way the interior of the Cabriolet is also kept deliberately distinct from that of the other A4 models, consequently demonstrating its exclusiveness.

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