New: tiptronic with Sport program

All quattro versions of the A6 and the 132 kW version of the 2.5 V6 TDI with front-wheel drive are available with 5-speed tiptronic. A new feature of this convenient automatic transmission - which also offers the option of manual gearshifts in the tiptronic gate - is an additional sporty shift program. In the "S" position the transmission changes up later and down earlier. The driver thus benefits from higher traction and can make even better use of the engine's agility all the way up into high speed ranges.

Another new feature in the A6 is the steering wheel with tiptronic function. This now enables the driver to switch between the automatic mode and manual gear selection at the press of a button; the driver's hand does not have to move the selector lever into the tiptronic gate, and can consequently remain on the steering wheel. This is a decisive advantage if the driver has to change down just once to overtake. If he or she then stops changing gear manually, the electronics automatically reactivate the D mode.

This convenient new feature can be combined with both the continuously variable automatic transmission multitronic and the conventional geared automatic transmission.

Light-footed and agile: Running gear

Numerous details of the Audi A6 running gear have also been optimised. Consistent fine tuning that driver and passengers will feel. The tried-and-tested axle concept of the A6 provides the perfect basis for this. Its four-link front suspension with numerous aluminium components and the elaborate design of the rear suspension are a guarantee of first-class comfort and excellent handling, on both front-wheel-drive versions and quattro models.

New additions to the front suspension include a forged aluminium pivot bearing and a weight-reduced lightweight steel wheel hub. These help to reduce the unsprung masses at the front axle by no less than 35 percent, around five kilograms in other words.

One change that benefits comfort in particular: compression behaviour is noticeably improved; the new A6 generation protects occupants even more effectively against all kinds of irregularities in the road surface.

Comfort and driving pleasure can be enhanced even further with speed-dependent Servotronic steering (option). Optimised for the new A6 and with an improved setup, Servotronic regulates steering effort depending on speed. It conveys precise steering sensitivity with maximum feedback from the road at high speeds, and guarantees maximum possible assistance when parking.

Powerful and precisely controllable: the brakes

The upsized tandem brake servo is new on all A6 versions. The build-up of pressure in the system has been noticeably accelerated through the use of a flow-optimised control device. This guarantees extremely spontaneous brake response and maximum efficiency. A further consequence is that brake force is easy to control, with minimum pedal effort required.

All Audi A6 versions have disc brakes at front and rear, the front discs being ventilated. Versions with 3.0 and 2.7T V6 engines have new, upsized floating-caliper brakes with aluminium housing at the front wheels. Together with brake discs increased to 321 millimetres in diameter, it is possible to achieve a level of deceleration that is in keeping with the engines' increased power potential.

All Audi A6 models now carry a particularly safety-conscious, permanently alert passenger with them on board at all times: the hydraulic brake assist system. As an integral part of the latest ESP generation, it is included in the standard specification. Its task is to help the driver by automatically increasing brake pressure in emergency braking situations.

The electronics of the hydraulic brake assist system detect an emergency braking situation on the basis of pedal speed and pedal pressure. The system then increases pressure on the pedal beyond the level applied by the driver in just a fraction of a second. This means that even inexperienced drivers can make use of maximum deceleration at the wheel-lock limit.

As an option: sports suspension with 17-inch wheels

Drivers who value the agility and light-footedness of the A6 running gear more than anything else can experience these qualities even more intensively in future. Sports suspension with 17-inch wheels is a new option available ex factory for all A6 versions. The body is lowered by 20 millimetres (A6 4.2: 10 mm); firmer springs and shock absorbers ensure a particularly sporty overall setup. 17-inch aluminium wheels underline the suspension's potential and also add a decidedly sporty touch to the vehicle's appearance.

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