Optimum charging, low emissions

Double overhead camshafts per cylinder bank are responsible for the valve gear. Driven by a single chain, they operate two inlet and two exhaust valves per cylinder via low-friction roller cam followers: a principle which helps not least to reduce fuel consumption noticeably. The camshafts can be adjusted variably - by 52 degrees at the inlet valves and 22 degrees at the exhaust valves - which means that the optimum valve timing can be realised across the entire engine-speed range. It is thus possible to achieve good idle-speed quality, low crude emissions, low fuel consumption and ample torque across the speed range.

Mixture preparation is performed by the Bosch Motronic ME 7.1.1 with electronic sequential injection. This system includes electronic throttle control, hot-film air-mass sensing, cylinder-selective knock control via four sensors and permanent lambda control.

Emissions control is the task of four engine-bay 3-way catalytic converters, plus two 3-way primary catalytic converters in the region of the silencer. Eight heated oxygen sensors continually monitor the exhaust gas. As a result, even such a powerful engine as this has no trouble satisfying the emission limits according to EU IV.

Genuine twelve-cylinder sound

There's no doubt about it: a large part of a successful twelve-cylinder engine's fascination is its very special sound. Audi thus also placed a great deal of emphasis during development on these specific acoustic qualities.

This means, on the one hand, an excellent, extremely low-vibration idle-speed quality and a particularly low noise level during partial-load acceleration and at constant vehicle speeds. At the same time, Audi's acoustics engineers have composed an extremely sporty, powerful sound pattern, albeit with a touch of refinement, for when this engine is accelerating at full load. This unmistakable sound design combines the demand for maximum acoustic quality with the emotional and dynamic component, which ultimately also typifies the overall character of the vehicle in conjunction with its excellent performance.

These acoustic strengths are based on a particularly smooth-running engine, for which several components are responsible: the dynamically optimised crankshaft and camshaft drives and the particularly rigid design of crankcase and transmission connection. Finally, the engine developers performed the acoustic fine-tuning of the engine by carefully matching the intake tract, the exhaust system and also the unit mountings.

Audi's flagship

It is almost impossible to imagine a more fitting, more stylish setting for the debut of the new twelve-cylinder engine than the long-wheelbase version of the Audi A8. Power and dynamism without aggression, elegance and a clear use of forms characterise it as an incarnation of the Audi design philosophy.

Just a few features suffice to distinguish the twelve-cylinder version visually: viewed from the front, these include the original radiator grille which is differentiated from the Audi S8 by the vertical chrome bars.

"W12" emblems are located on the radiator grille, on the side rubbing strips and inside the car, above the glove box. At the rear of the car, the model inscription A8 L 6.0 quattro and the original design of the twin tailpipes indicate that you are looking at the flagship of the Audi model range. 18-inch forged aluminium wheels of 10-hole design and with 245/55 ZR 18 tyres point to the new Audi's dynamic potential.

Maximum comfort and an ambience of discreet luxury are the characteristic features of the interior of the most powerful and most exclusive Audi saloon. Dynamism and composure, sports character and maximum stylishness do not contradict each other in this vehicle. The standard equipment of the Audi A8 L 6.0 quattro creates a perfect composition of individuality and impeccable elegance.

Comfort seats upholstered in breathable Valcona leather offer all occupants maximum seating comfort even on long journeys. Colour coordinated tone on tone, the ambience appears both elegant and comfortable. And the surface feel of the materials used, such as leather and Alcantara, indicates their extremely high quality. Aluminium trims for roof frame and window capping strips add a clearly sporting emphasis, as do the aluminium shift gate and selector lever.

The extended leather trim package also includes the front and rear door trim panels, the lower half of the instrument panel and the sides of the centre console. The twin-pane glass insulates effectively against intensive solar radiation and noise interference from outside. The deluxe automatic air conditioning with sun sensor helps to make sure that the atmosphere inside the car is always in keeping with its occupants' requirements. And an air quality sensor in conjunction with an activated charcoal filter makes sure that the pollutant concentration in the interior is kept at a low level.

The occupants of both front seats and all rear-seat passengers will find the Audi A8 L to be extremely spacious.

The rear-seat occupants in particular benefit from this special A8 version's 130 millimetre longer wheelbase and from the option of also being able to adjust the fore/aft position of the front passenger's seat from the rear seat. The result is the amount of legroom which you would fully expect to find in a vehicle of such high pedigree.

The fact that this sense of comfort can be transformed into the last word in luxury travel by an array of special features is a matter of course for Audi. The specially matched BOSE sound system with CD changer in the luggage compartment can turn even the shortest of trips into a concert tour. And optional leather cushions and foot rests create a luxurious "quiet room" in the rear compartment.

The back of the A8 can also be transformed into a mobile high-tech office thanks to the office package, which can be ordered as an option from quattro GmbH. As well as numerous convenient details, a fax machine is available, integrated into the centre armrest. A folding table on the back of the front seat can even be operated fully automatically. And thanks to the TV/video unit with LCD monitor, it is also possible to use audio-visual media on the move.

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