In conclusion the jury is clearly divided on this particular subject of which car pulls the clear lead in overall usability. Despite the fact that they occupy the same niche, the two cars take compelling and opposing directions as it relates to the various duties of car vs. SUV. The Audi allroad is clearly the choice for the enthusiast who is looking at the aspect of overall handling and acceleration. Audi's racing heritage clearly shines through in this regard.

The Audi will also be sold in much fewer numbers. Combined with its higher price, higher content and higher interior quality, the allroad will definitely be the more exclusive ride for taking the dogs to the hunt club or the boss to a power lunch. It's just too bad that Audi doesn't offer their own baseball glove style interior modeled after that found in the TT roadster.

The Volvo XC takes a more conservative approach to the SUV alternative and is ideal for someone who wants a greater amount of cargo space. In addition, the XC is a little more reassuring in off-road applications, due in large part to its more suitable off-road wheel and tire sizing. This does however beg the question of mission the average SUV owner might take with their vehicle since most will never see the level of off-roading action that we subjected these two cars to.

In a world of many choices these two vehicles are great, well-handling, very usable alternatives to the traditional SUV. They also prove that hybrids, particularly car-based hybrids, can be just as capable as many "real" SUVs on the market.

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