Following lunch, an extremely generous round of door prizes were handed out from APR, Stratmosphere, LLTek, AWE Tuning, The Sewickley Car Store and the previously mentioned Mountain Dreams International where over $5500 in automotive equipment and outdoor gear was handed out to lucky attendees.

After lunch, those on the house tours rushed off in a fast-moving convoy toward Fallingwater. Again, groups were formed for house tours of one of the most unique private home structures in the world. One couldn't help but imagine Pittsburgh's high society attending a postwar dinner party drinking cocktails on the balconies that seemingly float over the falls, soothed by the sound of the falling water that give the house its name.

It is safe to say we all got lost in the experience. As our particular group, one of the last to leave, strolled out into the parking lot, it then occurred to us just how late it had become as we were due back in Somerset for the post-tour gathering where the tuners would be showing their wares.

Since the good folks from APR were in our group, our now two-car caravan took to the mountainous passes that would return us to Somerset at a slightly more rapid pace. Keeping APR's modified denim blue 180-hp coupe in site was a bit of a chore, though we somehow managed.

Later, the entire group attended one last dinner at a local steak house, where the organizers had placed a prodigious pile of "R8" and "20 Years of quattro" posters for all to take with them. For the few stragglers there who weren't part of the usual TT groups, there was a quick over-dinner education on such subjects as why Lake Silver TTs are fastest and just how handy Trunk Monkeys can be.

There was further education and relaxation in the parking lot after dinner. Most of us spent time looking over each other's cars while drinking a cold brew. Remarkably, all would gather in the hotel's lobby later to sing a decidedly different version of Bye Bye Miss American Pie that took a much more Audi TT inspired direction, written and sung by Joel Mayer.

In the end, 78 TTs gathered for this first official gathering, setting a North American record if not a world record. TT owners from at least 25 states attended with two flying in from California. One, Ed Burly who was known for forming the Yahoo-based Audi TT Owner's Club, just happened to be in Somerset for a wedding and had been staying in the same hotel. He never knew of the event until he arrived, and unfortunately had not driven the TT. One other started the trip in her TT, though broke down on the way, and instead attended in her BMW 5-series adorned with TT photos affixed to each front door.

The primary event, limited to only 100 registrants due to attendance limitations at the two Frank Lloyd Wright houses, sold out in just 48-hours. Most attendees had never met prior to the event, though remarkably treated each other as long lost friends. The sheer energy the event attracted surprised organizers and attendees alike. Further, it solidified just how pertinent the TT market is for those businesses that chose to attend.

As owners packed up early Sunday morning and hit the road, there was a prevalent sobriety much akin to that of a child on his last day of camp. This highly social group had become so cohesive as to feel a sense of loss when it all ended. One couldn't help but notice the high degree of camaraderie that this eclectic collection of owners had managed to attain. It was perhaps one of the most unique and enjoyable automotive events this enthusiast has ever attended.

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