The electronic systems

The centre console makes a particularly tidy impression, far from the abundance of buttons and switches that used to be so popular. In its Avantissimo concept study, Audi is introducing its new MMI control concept for the first time. MMI stands for `Multi Media Interface', a complete redefinition of the link between the driver and the car's information and communication electronics.

MMI is used to select and operate all the entertainment and information media, such as the radio with audio system, the TV with DVD player and also the car phone, the navigation system and the Internet access facility. All the main functions are directly accessible by pressing a button. Selection within each menu is by means of a large rotary switch and the pushbuttons surrounding it.

The driver merely has to comply with a logical basic procedure to gain access to all functions without the slightest difficulty. Information is displayed on a monitor in the driver's direct field of view above the control elements. For additional convenience there are various touch switches on the steering wheel for operation of the audio system and car phone without having to take a hand off the wheel.

This by no means exhausts the list of electronic innovations aimed at ensuring the greatest possible comfort and convenience for the car's occupants. The Avantissimo is also equipped with driver identification systems of the latest type. An authorised driver is identified automatically and remotely, using a signal sensor in the car key. The engine can only be started after successful driver identification.

For even more effective individual driver identification, a fingerprint scanner is provided. Once the driver has been identified, the seat position, air conditioning settings and MMI configuration previously chosen by that driver are selected again.

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