It's September and once again time for the worlds largest auto show: the Frankfurt Motor Show. AudiWorld will be busy covering over 10 square blocks of convention halls to bring you the latest information, photos and new car introductions from the show.

    Audi A4 Cabriolet
The time has come for the long awaited successor to the Audi Cabriolet. Audi will show the new A4 Cabriolet at IAA 2001.
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    IAA 2001: Audi Avantissimo Concept
The Avantissimo is a design study with which Audi has re-interpreted the potential inherent in the Avant concept in a form suitable for the luxury car category.
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    IAA 2001: A4 Cabriolet
Further information regarding the new A4 Cabriolet, including engine variants, equipment and additional photos.
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    IAA 2001: FSI - The Direct-Injection Petrol Engine
Always innovating, Audi introduces the FSI engine which utilizes the stratified charge effect to produce 15% fuel savings.
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    IAA 2001: The Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI)
The Avantissimo concept with the new Audi Multi Media Interface (MIM) includes radio and CD, navigation systems, telephones and telematics. Future options could include digital radio, MP3 and DVD video.
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    IAA 2001: quattro GmbH accessories
This fully-owned subsidiary of AUDI AG offers friends and followers of the Audi brand its own extensive range of products, lifestyle articles and accessories. 

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