Cars for individualists - from quattro GmbH

From series product to unique specimen

Personality calls for individual expression, for tailormade concepts in response to particular needs. quattro GmbH's customisation range satisfies even the most exacting of requirements. 

quattro GmbH customises Audi vehicles precisely according to the buyer's personal preferences and tastes. One of the most common custom options is a special paint finish in virtually any shade or hue. There is only one restriction here: the paint used must be water-soluble, to ensure that it is environmentally compatible.

quattro GmbH likewise offers an extensive range of options for upgrading the interior. Colour-matched to the body colour, the range of leathers includes 17 different colours. There are in addition two different grades of leather to choose from and, in the case of Alcantara, nine different colours.

The main focus is on the choice of the products finished and their quality. For example, only organic substances are used in the tanning process for the select, unblemished leathers. quattro GmbH will trim practically every corner of the interior with leather if desired, including the individual control elements. 

To match the leather, the trim areas of the dash panel, the centre console and the doors can be given fine-wood appointments of natural materials such as noble woods. Bird's eyes and trunk sections are steamed, sliced into thin veneers and seasoned at length. These veneers are then moistened, flattened and trimmed. The next stage involves pressing the blank at 130 degrees Celsius. Every element is ground by hand, then cured, varnished and polished - a process almost as intricate as crafting a violin.

Exclusive carpets in ten colours guarantee comfort and style under foot, too.

Customisation of the Audi A3

The Audi A3 with personal colour scheme has a special character over and above that of the standard specification. quattro's colour specialists can always be relied on to find the right nuance. 

The leather seats suitably upgrade the appearance of the interior. The leather specification includes the head restraints, the centre armrest at the front and the door trim panels. 

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