Customisation of the Audi TT

Drivers of the Audi TT never cease to be fascinated by its purist design and clear lines. The sheer uniqueness of this design veritably incites drivers to place their personal imprint on their car. The extensive customisation range from quattro GmbH includes exclusive leather equipment for both the Coupé and Roadster, with a free choice of colour, and Authentic leather with moccasin stitching in the various standard colours. 

Controls such as the steering wheel, gear lever knob and handbrake lever, as well as the knee cushions on the centre console, can be ordered with leather upholstery. The extended leather specification, which includes the underside of the instrument panel, the door trim elements and the side or rear trim panels, is moreover available in leather or Alcantara.

Customisation of the Audi A4

Sill and bumper surfaces painted in the body colour are an exclusive way of giving the car a distinctive outward appearance. There are numerous leather colours and grades of wood for customising the interior.

Customisation of the Audi A6

In addition to a wide variety of paint finishes and wood trims, there are various leather trim options. The door trim inserts and rear shelf can be supplied in leather or Alcantara, with carpet to match.

The option of bumpers and sills in the body colour is a means of distinguishing the car externally.

Customisation of the Audi allroad quattro

Even in its production form, the Audi allroad quattro is quite clearly a very special car. It combines the comfort of a deluxe saloon with the ability to tackle difficult terrain. The sturdy add-on components are painted in the body colour, giving the allroad quattro a highly elegant, tasteful appearance. Dark-tinted rear windows can be supplied. There are numerous other ways of lending the interior an individual accent: the steering wheel with wood trim segments is just one of many options.

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