Audi authentic collection

The Audi authentic products form the basis of a professed Audi fan's collection. Aluminium-look watches are noted for their modern design, and items of clothing such as polo shirts, jackets, scarves and baseball caps are sporty and leisure-oriented.

The products that make up the children's world of the Audi authentic collection demonstrate that there is no lower age limit for an Audi fan. These include the sturdy "Mini quattro" ride-on cars for the very youngest "drivers", made from durable plastic in red, blue and silver. The Audi Kids Car gives 3 to 6 year-olds the chance to drive a real Audi and pedal hard. Carefully crafted details such as the 5-spoke wheels, the speedometer and rev counter unit, and the ignition key add a captivatingly authentic flavour.

Detailed collectors' models to scales of 1:87, 1:43 or 1:18, as well as versions of the Audi TT and the R8 Le Mans winner, will appeal in particular to older children. 

Audi tradition collection

The Audi tradition collection looks back over the illustrious history of the Audi brand. As well as exclusive textiles and selected collector's items, this collection brings together a number of memorabilia that evoke the history of Audi. Famous product names such as DKW, Horch, Wanderer and NSU point to those brands in which Auto Union and then AUDI AG had their historical roots. The Audi tradition collection pays tribute to the legendary Avus or the hillclimber with 
16-cylinder engine on two solid silver tiepins. Silver is also the material used for the badges depicting the emblems of the various brands.

Customers can read about Audi's history in books such as "Auto Union - Die großen Rennen 1934 - 39", "Horch, Prestige und Perfektion", "Audi 1965 - 1975" and "A History of Progress". Handmade wooden games for adults and children tell the story of those days past in pictures.

Other items in the range include business utensils for tradition-conscious customers: two examples are the leather holder for pens, and a leather business card case made of leather tanned using purely vegetable tanning agents.

The clothing in the tradition collection is made from high-quality materials in classic colours. The best example is the Horch sleeveless pullover made from super-fine pure new wool; its texture is inspired by a tyre tread.

The range of miniature cars calls to mind the highlights of a long model history. The vast array of models extends from nostalgic 1:90 scale replicas manufactured by Schuco to a handmade precision model of the Auto Union Type C racing car to a scale of 1:20.

Audi bikes

High-tech bikes, design courtesy of Audi

Active people set their sights high. It is therefore only logical that quattro GmbH should likewise provide exclusive forms of mobility on two wheels: mountain bikes for riders who are experienced in heading off the beaten track, and trekking bikes and city bikes for leisure riders. 

These bikes reflect the same expertise that is behind the vehicles produced by AUDI AG: sporty design, innovative technology and top quality standards for materials and manufacturing. 

The stars in the Audi bike range are the mountain bikes Audi Cross Pro and Audi Cross.

Audi Design was responsible for designing these bikes. quattro GmbH worked together with the Audi Aluminium Centre in Neckarsulm and the well-known manufacturer Bergwerk on their development and realisation. The frame and seat tower, for example, are innovative in-house developments. The partner company Centurion Renner KG is responsible for their production, their expert servicing and their marketing through specialist dealers.

Both bikes incorporate "full-suspension technology". This means that both the front and rear wheels have springs and dampers, for excellent suspension comfort. While the damping is performed by a hydraulic component, an air spring system is used for the suspension. In technical terms, the system is a parallel to the revolutionary running gear of the allroad quattro; it improves adjustability compared with a steel spring, and reduces the weight by around 500 grams.

The hydraulic front and rear damping is also adjustable. Damping response can be adjusted at a separate valve, from sensitive to sporty/stiff, and thus adapted to individual needs. The ACROS suspension fork used on the "Cross Pro" was developed specially for Audi. As a special feature its spring travel can be adjusted from 80 to 100 mm.

The "Cross" and "Cross pro" mountain bikes have hydraulic disc brakes with perforated discs. These provide excellent braking power with only slight pressure required at the brake levers, and ensure outstanding braking performance in wet conditions. The drive and shifting components for both wheels are from the top series of the Japanese manufacturer and market leader Shimano. Weighing just 11.6 kilograms, the "Cross pro" can be fitted optionally with wheels made from Formula 1 grade carbon fibre.

A new service available from quattro GmbH demonstrates the sheer scope of Audi bikes for leisure use. "Audi Bike Tours" are an appealing way of testing out Audi bikes on a variety of different terrains - from exacting off-road conditions around Lake Garda to more relaxed touring along the Altmühl Valley.

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