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In 1995 Audi set up its own agency pool: AudiAgencyNetwork (AAN). The objective behind this was and is to create a uniform Audi brand image in all markets. All AAN agencies submit their proposals for a new campaign from which Audi can choose. The advantage of this is that each agency is familiar with the Audi brand values and can therefore devise a concept which is based on these. This creative network is made up of an advertising agency in each of the five largest European Audi markets:

Saatchi&Saatchi of Frankfurt (Germany), Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty BBH of London (England), Louis XIV DDB of Paris (France), Tandem DDB of Barcelona (Spain) and Verba DDB of Milan (Italy). In the case of the campaign for the new Audi A8, the American agency McKinney&Silver of Raleigh/North Carolina was also involved in the campaign briefing as Audi is expecting considering potential for the new A8 on the US market as well.

Award-winning Audi advertisements

Audi is well-known for its innovative advertising. In the past numerous Audi commercials have caused a sensation both among customers and in the creative industry. Here are some examples from the recent past:

An ad and its somewhat unconventional star made headlines in 2001. The commercial film "The Fan" communicated the advantages of the continuously variable automatic transmission Audi multitronic through an intelligently humorous story. The pelvis-gyrating rock `n' roll doll on the dashboard, an elementary part of the commercial, achieved cult status in Germany and went into mass production due to the huge interested it generated. Over 500,000 Elvis dolls were sold. "The Fan" also picked up a number of awards including the "Silver Lion" at the advertising festival in Cannes, "The Clapperboard 2001", the "Ottocar in Silver" from the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA), the "German Comedy Prize" from the TV channel RTL and the "Clients Award 2001" for the cinema and TV ad of the year.

The film "Wakeboarder" for Audi quattro four-wheel drive also received a "Silver Lion" at Cannes in the year 2000. Here a man is seen riding the waves on his board - he is not towed by a motorboat however, but by an Audi A6 with quattro drive. In the same year the advertising trailer "Vertical", which was shown by the television channel RTL during its broadcasts of the Ski Jumping World Cup, won the "Bronze Lion" in Cannes. This also advertises quattro drive.

The film "Eskimo" also proved extremely popular: a wise old Eskimo explains animal tracks in the snow to his grandson. Finally he identifies a tyre print in the snow as "...Audi...quattro!" Incidentally, an adapted version of this commercial was produced for Arab markets where snow is rather rare: here a Tuareg recognises the quattro tracks in the desert sand.

"The Chase" was based on the Spielberg film "Duel". In this commercial an Audi allroad quattro is apparently being chased by an enormous black truck, the two vehicles are just centimetres apart. In the end it emerges that the monster truck is being towed by the Audi. Various media reconstructed the scene to find out whether the allroad can really tow a truck. And it can!

Creative and efficient: "GOLD EFFIE" for Audi

Audi has won the "GOLD EFFIE 2002", the measure of all things in terms of advertising efficiency in Germany. The General Association of Communication Agencies GWA presented the award to Audi and the advertising agency Saatchi&Saatchi of Frankfurt and Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty BBH of London for the outstanding and successful creative strategy behind the multitronic campaign with the commercial "The Fan" and the quattro campaign with the commercial "Wakeboarder". Audi won the coveted award in the category "Consumer Goods" against a total of nine car campaigns. The Gold Effie was only awarded twice this year.

The People Behind the A8 Campaign

Responsible at Audi
Head of Marketing Communication: Hans-Christian Schwingen
Project Manager: Katrin Schöneberg, Doerthe Ulmer
Film and photo production: Gerhard Kiefer
Media: Claudia Schönfelder

Responsible at Tandem DDB, Barcelona
Creative Director: Dani Ilario
Art Director: Fernando Codina
Photographer: Iver Hansen, Düsseldorf

Production company for the TV ad: Alamo Films, Madrid
Director: Julio del Álamo
Principal actor: Donald Kimmel
Composer: Zivot Music performed by: Bratislava Symphony Orchestra

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