August 4, 2002

Audi and Weight-Saving Construction -
from Pioneer in Aluminium to High-Volume Production

    Historical Background on Use of Aluminum at Audi
For 17 years now, Audi has been undertaking intensive research and development work into aluminium as a material, and has built up unrivalled know-how in using this lightweight metal.
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    Pioneering Work in Production: Manufacturing the New Audi A8
The Audi A8 which came on to the market in 1994 was the first vehicle with a fully aluminium body. And Audi is again setting standards with the new Audi A8 which will appear on the market later this year.
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    A Few Words from the Top
Interview with Dr. Wolfgang Ruch, Head of Audi Aluminium Center, with Automobil Industrie Magazine.
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