Audi A4: dynamism and elegance

The new FSI engine's output in the A4 saloon and Avant is delivered to the road via the front wheels. A 5-speed manual gearbox controls the new engine's power to suit every driving situation.

Pointing the way forward is the aluminium lightweight suspension that has been unanimously praised by both the press and industry alike and which provides exemplary road behaviour due to its low unsprung weight. Good steering precision and exact handling complement the first-class ride comfort.

The A4 comes as standard with one of the most complex, but also most efficient, rear suspension layouts currently available. The trapezoidal links are made from hollow-section aluminium. These torsionally and flexurally rigid control arms absorb a large portion of the forces acting on the wheel. Together with the track rods located behind them, they determine the elastokinematic behaviour of the axle.

This design is notable for its low weight as well as its outstanding space efficiency. The compact design permits a low load-area floor in all versions, coupled with a generous load-area width.

All wheel control elements pivot on the resiliently mounted subframe via rubber-metal mounts which isolate axle vibration very effectively from the body. Additionally, the material chosen provides excellent acoustic insulation.

The twin-tube gas-filled shock absorber is connected to the wheel carrier, so that direct-ratio effect is obtained. Combined with the separately mounted spring, this ensures a particularly sensitive response from the shock absorber.

All Audi A4 models are fitted with the latest Electronic Stabilisation Program ESP as standard which also includes the hydraulic brake assist system.

With its clear contours, the new A4 body translates discreet sportiness into consistently modern styling which provides a fitting context for aerodynamic perfection and Audi-typical dynamics to take shape. Clear-glass headlights, the Audi radiator grille and a high waistline emphasise its affiliation to the current Audi design line.

The Audi A4 offers maximum interior comfort. As well as plenty more knee room for both front and rear passengers, there is also extra space for the head and shoulders. There is also more room than average for luggage: with a capacity of 445 litres, the smooth-floored luggage compartment is well-equipped for tackling transport tasks.

The high standards of comfort and quality are particularly convincing. This impression is immediately conveyed by the high-grade materials and excellent finish of the interior.

The body's noticeably high rigidity, the car's unique ride comfort and extremely effective insulation against irritating wind and driving noise live up to expectations in the luxury class. This is true both for the saloon version and the A4 Avant.

Audi A4 Avant: functional design

The A4 Avant unites design and dynamism, elegance and versatility like no other car in its segment.

Beautiful estate cars are called Avant - this slogan has been around for some time now. The best evidence for this is provided by the fact that some 40 percent of A4 Avant customers quote the design as the principal reason to buy - considerably higher than for the competition.

An Audi-typical design feature is found in the clear, reduced proportions with a high waistline and a discreet wedge-shaped outline: even the new A4 Avant's silhouette conveys that genuine Audi look at the very first glance.

The cleanly drawn rear panel underlines this tension. Seen from the rear, the A4 Avant looks wide and muscular. A uniform design that is consistently continued in the interior.

There, the architecture of the horizontal lines around the driver - as on the saloon - is a convincing feature. This creates a genuine sense of safety allied to an impression of space.

The A4 Avant provides a special quality with its smooth-floored luggage compartment - a load-area width of 1000 millimetres that is exceptional for a car in the B segment. This is made possible by the space-saving construction of the rear axle which is already to be found in the current A4 saloon. This was laid out to suit the specific needs of the Avant right from the initial design phase.

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