April 25, 2002

Gumball 3000 Comes To The USA...

From Thursday April 25th thru Tuesday April 30th 2002 the Gumball 3000 rally will take part across the USA. It will be sure to test the endurance and sheer determination of all who take part more so than ever before. From supermodel to rock star, racing driver to simple car enthusiast, the rally is a test of 3000 miles across the world's greatest Continent, punctuated by the wildest parties each evening! Inspired by the liberating and infamous 'Gumball Rally' and 'Cannonball Run' films, the first 'Gumball 3000' rally (3000 because that's how many miles it is) was organized in 1999 to evoke those memories, and bring together the worlds of film, fashion, music and business for a 'fun' motoring experience.

That first 'Gumball 3000' rally was a great success, capturing the attention of the world's media. With an amazing 3000 mile route across Europe, staying in the finest Chateau's, partying in Monaco's Casino Square, with participants from all over the world. Rock 'n' roll stars raced Supermodels, sports stars, racing drivers and adventurers alike, driving everything from Ferrari's, Porsche's and McLaren F1's, to old classics and even little old 'Herbie', in the greatest adventure possible. In just 6 days, between 25th-30th April 2002, the drivers will endure 13 states, covering 3000 miles of action packed driving, punctuated by wild and glamorous parties. From New York to Los Angeles, the Gumball is set to take the United States by storm.

Starting in cosmopolitan New York and ending up in 'laid-back' Los Angeles, the route will 'drive-by' America's most amazing sights.

The 'Gumball 3000' rally is not a race, and if the drivers break the speed limits they are likely to end up in jail. Vehicles are not limited to categories, and entries will be accepted from the most diverse forms of transport possible. So whether they enter in an old Cadillac, or a brand new Ferrari, it’s the 'Gumball spirit' that counts.

AudiWorld will be following the Team APR S4 (car #149) as they try to win the Gumball 3000. APR has entered one of their R&D S4's. The team is a multinational effort with a Canadian, German, Liechtenstein, and American. This crew has come together with the goal to take the Gumball Spirit award.

Below is a list of some of the Gumball 3000 contenders




001 Johnny Knoxville Cadillac Eldorado
007 Maximillion Cooper Possibly Jaguar XJ220
015 Craig & AJ Porsche 911 Turbo
019 Justwin1 Porsche RUF-R 911 Turbo
033 Incognito Audi TT Coupe 225
034 Fastbuck and PartyBoy Ferrari F360
039 Mr Guts 1972 Ford Torino
041 Rick & Lynn V12 BMW 850
052 NYM5 BMW M5
056 Orasoft 2002 Corvette Z06
069 Bikini Bandits kick ass hotrod
077 DINKY Supercharged Saleen Mustang 351
087 Robbie Mercedes SL55 AMG
109 Hurni Mercedes SL500
120 EMan and SMan Dodge Viper GTS Red
123 Car123 Ferrari 348
127 Meg and Me Audi TT Coupe 225
128 SLVCLK Mercedes CLK 430
133 Misery Machine 1973 Corvette Stingray
137 TexasViper Dodge Viper GTS
142 DiGrave Lamborgini Jalpa
149 Airman 450bhp Audi S4
153 Jorgeaz/Crazy Pete/BDaddy (US!) Audi S4
160 Skyliner Skyline GTR R33
666 Dr Davo Chevy Blazer ???

Car #149 Stats:
2000 Audi S4
Engine Mods APR K04 Turbo kit 420hp running 93 octane program
Wheels FM/5's anodized black in a 18 by 8.5
Tires Pole Positions SO3's 235/40/18
Suspension APR double adjustable coil over system