August 13, 2003

IMC - The New AUDI AG Exhibition Concept
Text and pictures courtesy of Audi AG

"One name, one standard, everywhere" - with its International Motorshow Concept (IMC), AUDI AG sets the standards for the brand to present itself in a unified, immediately recognisable manner all over the world. In the next five years, the IMC will be seen as a framework for the local Audi importer's display at about 120 international motor shows and other trade fairs, for example in Sydney, Moscow and Bologna. Since 1997 the brand with the four-ring emblem has demonstrated its leading position at international exhibitions with the aid of successful stand and display concepts.

The IMC uses frame architecture to provide a visual accent, allied to multimedia communication tools, a charismatic choice of colours and high-quality materials. The individual elements are part of a straightforward modular structure that can be combined to suit the stand layout and specific national-market needs. Reduction to the essential information, but at the same time an increase in emotional appeal are features of the IMC motorshow communication concept.


The key structural element is the frame, which is installed in an inclined position and has impressive overall dimensions: nine metres long, four metres wide. The acute angle at which it stands symbolises Audi's brand values: sportiness, progress and high value. The frame is made of aluminium, a material that Audi already uses successfully for its Aluminium Space Frame bodies. A frame group can be formed or the frames used separately to create an innovative communication module that unites product and brand communication, graphics, text and media techniques. Its formal expressive power as well as that of its contents predestine this frame for other sites apart from motor shows, for example presentations or other smaller-scale events.

A special feature of the IMCs is the "Once.Now.Next" philosophy extending from the past into the future. Picture motifs developed graphically into a collage illustrate highlights from Audi's varied and fascinating history and hint at visions of the future.

This concept was largely drawn up and implemented by the Schmidhuber + Partner architects' office, in cooperation with Markus Öttle Interior Design and the Munich communication agency `Tischdreizehn'.