March 4, 2003

Vision of the GT of the Future: Audi Nuvolari quattro
Text and pictures courtesy of Audi AG

Audi will be showing its new Nuvolari quattro concept study, a vision of tomorrow's elegant, powerful Gran Turismo, at this year's Geneva Motor Show. It combines future Audi design philosophy and the progressive technology and dynamic road potential of a high-powered GT.

With the Nuvolari quattro, Audi's designers have created a two-door 2 + 2-seater coupé with classic GT proportions. Its lines are an evolutionary interpretation of the current repertoire of outlines typical of Audi's styling philosophy.

After the debut of the Pikes Peak quattro crossover study at the Detroit Motor Show, the Nuvolari is the second car in 2003 with which Audi shows off the future of the brand: a future notable for systematic emphasis on sporting character, highly advanced technology, unique design and emphasis on exclusiveness.


Design and innovative engineering: the exterior

Gran Turismo - the term is synonymous with the ultimate high-performance, road-going long-distance sports car. Time and time again, GTs were among the most fascinating and most beautiful cars of their day. Like no other type of vehicle, a classic GT combines the aura of performance and speed with styling that derives its aesthetic appeal from technology and dynamism rendered visible to the onlooker.

Without a doubt, the Audi Nuvolari quattro, which has a Luna Silver paint finish, is such a car - this becomes clear the very first time you see it. The coupé silhouette of this 2 + 2-seater is dominated by the long engine hood and the roofline dropping smoothly towards the wide rear end. The windows are extremely shallow, emphasising the proportions of the 4.80-metre long, 1.92-metre wide and 1.41-metre high Nuvolari quattro.

The gently curved coupé roof is supported by slim A and C pillars that blend smoothly into the rising shoulders of the body.

Significant features when seen from the side are the heavily contoured, dynamic line in the sill area and the bold, slightly rising shoulder line. The latter starts at the front wheel arch and continues its curve in a wide arch that gradually flattens out. It rises discreetly towards the C pillar and descends just as smoothly behind it, thus creating a light line on the extremely curved side surfaces.

The front and rear overhangs are very short, which, together with the large 9-arm wheels in the circular wheel arches, emphasises the potent, compact body. This effect is added to by the high tail end with its remarkable stylistic uniformity; the two big, oval exhaust tailpipes provide a visual clue to the power this car's engine can provide.

In addition to this formal innovation, the evolutionary integration of current lines and shapes is waiting to be discovered: The geometry of the boot lid and the transition between the bumper and upper rear end are variations on characteristic elements of the latest generation of Audi models.

The lights, which are well wrapped round at the sides of the car, connect the side panels and the rear end and supply a new, distinct visual emphasis.

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