Early on in the tour, you will see KW’s attention to detail, professionalism and investment in the latest technologies. Unlike a multitude of brands that merely repackage and cross-pollinate ready prepared product claiming them as their own, KW produces and manufactures every component in-house.

Inside Hall 4, we found thousands of square feet of proprietary equipment, manned by skilled German craftsman. From the engineer's designs, to the machinists final product it’s all KW.

KW’s engineering, development and manufacturing resources allow KW the flexibility to quickly and efficiently respond to technical advances, engineering changes, and market demands. This flexibility is the prime reason that the new Inox Stainless Steel Line was even a possibility, and is why you don't see a complete stainless steel application line from the rest of the industry.

(Above) Just one corner of the spotless machine shop, where raw material is crafted into spring collars, top mounts, threaded housings etc...

(Above) The first step in converting miles of stainless steel tubing into a finished Coilover housing.

(Above) Specially designed machine bores the piston rods for rebound adjustment mechanism found on the Variant 2 and Variant 3 Coilover Systems.

(Above) KW piston rods after being bored by the machine above, and a few steps of machining.

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