Another surprise you will find in the KW organization was the wholehearted embrace of automation. From the control of raw material inventory, to the export of the Coilover systems, Klaus Wohlfarth has truly created a framework to be envied.

A parts hopper manages over 5000 small articles, and is the starting point for every kit sold by KW. As Klaus Wohlfarth keyed in an application, the gears began to roll, and in seconds a bin was presented with the required parts and the fulfillment of the build list was under way. In high season, popular items are pre-assembled and stored to meet demand.

It is here that we witnessed the unique difference in the kits intended for different markets. From instruction manuals to spring rates, each kit is configured for the country it is being shipped to.

After the parts required for the Coilover kit have been collected, they are sent down via automated conveyor to one of many assembly stations. Once assembled, the kit is sent via the conveyer system through the 80,000 square foot plant and goes on through different stages of packaging.

(Above) The fully automated hopper stands 3 stories high and offers warehouse optimization by storing over 5000 small parts at your fingertips.

(Above) Here is one example of an assembly station.  Currently this station is assembling an order for Indian Motorcycle of Gilroy, CA for the rear shock on the factory 2002 and up Chief.

(Above) Another assembly station preparing popular part numbers to meet customer demands.

(Above) Assembled kits on the way to packaging stations.

(Above)The last step in the packaging process.

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