It is rare that you get to witness something unique in a portion of the industry. Only a handful of years ago, the big debate was exhaust systems and their construction. The aftermarket responded with high quality stainless systems, and the OEM's then adopted this philosophy, providing stock systems with stainless piping on many models.

Today at KW, it is not much different. Such a crucial part of your vehicle had long been hidden and neglected, and thanks again to the beauty of stainless steel, the bar has been raised.

What would possess a manufacturer to take their product back to the drawing board? The quest for perfection, plain and simple. A few years ago, KW introduced its new patented valve and seal system to the world, and since then their engineers have been working to combat the toughest obstacle in obtaining their common goal - the elements, Mother Nature.

A small room inside Hall 1 was opened to reveal the participants of the defining test that would lead to the most significant advancement to date in the KW product line.

In December of 2002, Germany's top engineering university, the Technical University of Esslingen performed the DIN 50021 Salt Spray testing to measure the corrosion resistance of the housings of the Coilover systems on the market today. All of the big players were there, including the Inox line from KW

This test is conducted to simulate an average winter in a standard 4-season climate such as enjoyed by most of Germany and North America.

The results speak for themselves. KW has provided a link to their main site with the complete test results, broken down into specific time intervals.

Complete Test Results

(Above) One of the standard galvanized coilover systems produced today after the corrosion testing. Rusted, seized perches. A complete loss of function.

(Above) The KW Inox Stainless steel coilover after the same testing. The results are clear.

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