Based in Fichtenberg, Germany, KW Automotive Ltd has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of Sport Suspension Systems. Founded in 1991, KW delivers the largest application line-up of Coilover suspension in the marketplace today.

A small team of three employees occupying only 150 sq. meters of space has grown into an internationally active group for innovative suspension systems. Today, KW occupies over 90 employees at two sites, in facilities of over 7,500 sq. meters. Its delivery program encompasses more than 1,500 applications for 2003.

Motor sport is the source of countless innovations, and a source well tapped by KW automotive GmbH. For over 10 years, the founders and owners of KW automotive GmbH have been active in motor sport. The experiences collected over the years are constantly integrated into new developments. Our involvement has grown throughout the years, from the ADAC GT Cup to the DTC, from STW to the current FIA GT series, or the ETCC. In 1999, KW had even fielded its own racing team in the DTC, with Ellen Lohr as a driver. In 2002, the KW Competition equipped Zakspeed Viper captured the overall winner title in the 24h race at Nürburgring.

Continuous improvements and global innovations such as the inox-line stainless steel technology provide impressive testimony to the technical abilities of KW automotive GmbH.

Over the last 12 years, the KW brand has been constantly developed into the powerhouse it is today. KW automotive GmbH is present at all major automotive trade shows worldwide. From Frankfurt to Geneva, Paris to Tokyo, Essen to Las Vegas, KW is there.

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