KW Suspensions North America
Surrey, BC Canada

In late 1998, HPA Motorsports Inc, a well-known European Tuner based in Vancouver, Canada won the exclusive rights to market and distribute KW Suspension products in North America over a select handful of corporate hopefuls.

Utilizing their extensive knowledge of the North American performance aftermarket, and in particular the European vehicle segment, HPA Motorsports Inc President Marcel Horn and his team set out on the formidable task of educating a marketplace in a new, high quality suspension solution that did not exist on this continent.

Over the course of 1999, the staff at HPA Motorsports Inc continuously developed and grew the KW line to fit the North American applications, and expanded the application line to popular North American vehicles. This commitment to development, along with unique marketing strategies has succeeded in establishing KW suspensions as the industry leader in quality, comfort, and performance. It is the commitment to these ideals that attracted the attention of OEM’s such as Ford, Chrysler and Indian Motorcycles.

In 2000, KW Suspensions North America was formed as a joint venture of KW automotive GmbH and HPA Motorsports Inc. This new venture, combined with an expanded product line-up that includes not only the KW Coilover systems, but also a performance shock, spring and sport kit line, that encompasses all popular vehicles to model year 2004, along with a dedicated Competition line that features ultra light composite springs, and complete fully adjustable Competition suspension systems. With this expansion in mind, KW suspensions North America has devoted a portion of its resources in developing new, exciting markets in efforts to provide the Ultimate Suspension Solution to every facet of the motoring world.

With the depth of knowledge, experience, and capabilities of our Engineering staff, from WRC Ralley Racing, Super Touring, Hill Climbs, Drag Racing, Super cross, Super bike etc, combined with our qualitative manufacturing abilities, KW Suspensions is able to provide to its clients the ultimate suspension solutions for any type of vehicle. As with our OEM ventures, we can provide proprietary solutions that allow the client to tailor the suspension to their needs, or our engineers can develop a solution for final approval by the client, private labeled and line produced at significant cost savings to the client over in house production.

At KW Suspensions North America, we strive to provide innovative, high quality solutions to all of our client’s suspension needs, while delivering the ultimate level of customer service that you can expect.

HPA Motorsports
7561 134A Street
Surrey B.C.
Canada V3W 7B3

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