Optional Extras

In particular in the luxury car segment, distinction is one of the decisive criteria when designing an individual automobile. The new Audi A8L 4.2 quattro offers almost inexhaustible scope for design, equipment and technical extras.

The two optional comfort and sports seats with additional electrical adjustment facilities are ideal for supreme long-distance comfort and perfect lateral support. At the customer's request the comfort seats can include two further extras: a massage function and, combined with perforated Valcona leather upholstery, seat heating and ventilation.

The comfort seats are also available at the rear in the form of electrically adjustable individual seats. Together with the wide footwell they offer first-class seating comfort fully equivalent to that enjoyed by the front passenger, and enhanced if necessary by the provision for forward-back adjustment of the front passenger's seat from the rear.

On request, the new Audi A8L is available with automatic air conditioning with four-zone control. This system allows rear passengers to select the required temperature and air distribution individually by means of separate controls in the center console.

The standard of comfort provided by the automatic air conditioning can be rounded off with the optional solar-cell sunroof. Even when the ignition is switched off, this produces enough electrical energy to supply the passenger compartment continuously with fresh air via the blower.

A top-class ambience is created with one of the two leather grades offered or the combined Alcantara/leather upholstery and trim: Valcona leather or natural leather are a benchmark in terms of material and processing quality compared with anything that competitors can offer. At the customer's request, the extended leather equipment can be specified, in which case the armrests on the doors and center consoles can be covered with these grades of leather, with their subtle but entirely natural odor.

With the selection of amber Vavona wood or beige or gray grained birch, an additional note of individuality can be created inside the car. The extended aluminum look with numerous applications on the center console and fascia underlines the sporty flair of the A8 cockpit.

The interior lighting package with ambient illumination has several pre-defined illumination profiles to ensure a light intensity in the interior that matches actual driving conditions. Ambient illumination creates a new level of harmony with the entire interior design.

The four-zone automatic air conditioning allows individual selection of temperature and air distribution settings at all four seats. With its indirect ventilation it sets new and very high standards for draught-free air conditioning.

Communication, comfort and convenience

The infotainment equipment is also very extensive: The audio system with optional CD drive or changer, with a quality that perfectly matches the interior of the new A8, converts the Audi top-of-the-range model into a mobile sound studio.

The BOSE Surround Sound System is of completely new design and guarantees particular listening pleasure: five amplifier channels distribute the sound around the listener as in a concert hall - an aural experience that is setting new standards even in the automotive luxury class.

The BOSE system's electronics also include dynamic noise compensation.

In a similar way to the audio system, the navigation system with DVD can also be operated via the MMI terminal. The greater storage capacity of the data medium and the Audi system's substantially extended operating scope mean that it can justifiably claim perfection in its class.

The advanced key permits the driver to open the new A8 without having to hold the key in his or her hand. A signaling device in the key releases the car's central locking system when the car is approached and enables the engine to be started by pressing the start button on the center console as soon as the key is anywhere inside the car.

The one-touch memory personalization system allows as many as four drivers to allocate numerous vehicle functions and settings to individual memory sites and automatically activate them after personal identification. The system scans the fingerprint of the relevant driver by means of an identification sensor in the start button on the center console.

A positive comparison with the memorized fingerprint permits numerous activities to take place: the seats, mirrors and steering wheel are adjusted to the previously memorized personal configurations, together with the temperature and air distribution settings of the air conditioning. The one-touch memory can also activate individual infotainment preferences for the relevant driver.

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