January 28, 2004

TÜV Auto-Report 2004: And the Winner is ... the Audi A2

Unbeatable in terms of quality and reliability: the Audi A2 is the winner of the TÜV Auto-Report 2004. According to the experts at Germany's Technical Inspection Authority TÜV, no other vehicle up to three years old gave cause for fewer complaints. Their overall verdict: "The Audi A2 is worth the money. Its build quality is excellent, and the manufacturer's ambitious claim to premium status is also fulfilled underneath the exterior panels." This means that a German brand has finished first in the TÜV Auto-Report again for the first time in almost 20 years.

The TÜV body statistically evaluated a total of more than 7.5 million general inspections for the Auto-Report 2004. The Audi A2 picked up top marks in the categories suspension, light, fuel system and exhaust system. 91.6 percent of the A2 cars brought in for a general inspection had no faults at all. The smallest member of the Audi model range consequently performed far better than the class average of 75.8 percent. 6.3 percent had slight faults only (compared with the class average of 18.6 percent). Only 2.1 percent had major faults. This compares with an average for all age categories of 17.5 percent of vehicles with major faults.

The Audi A2 has thus demonstrated its quality once again in impressive style. In the J.D. Power Report 2003 about how satisfied German car drivers are with their vehicles and car dealers, the A2 stood out as the best German car in the compact class. The Dekra Defect Report 2002 listed the A2 as best in class in the group of vehicles up to three years old. The A2 has also demonstrated its great reliability repeatedly in 100,000 km endurance tests for which it has received very good reviews.

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