April 29, 2004

Winner of Auto Bild Comparative Test for Sports Coupés: 
The Audi TT Remains in Front

Source: Audi

The latest issue of Auto Bild (17/2004) puts five sports coupés to the test. The candidates from four different countries endeavoured to impress the judges with a wide variety of qualities. They embodied the expertise of multinational groups, tugged at the strings of emotions and ventured into the realm of unconventional looks and technology. But the Audi TT, already in a class of its own in design terms, responded with sports performance and poise.

"The V6 is brimming with power, accelerates convincingly and revs up with verve - all in all giving it the best road performance," sums up the author. Top marks for the suspension, too: "The direct steering conveys plenty of response, the quattro four-wheel drive really seems to bite into the asphalt and the ESP does its job more discriminatingly than all the competitor systems."

"With its finesse, coupled with superlative ride comfort and a meticulous finish, the TT shows the other young Turks where their limits lie." 

No other contender can match the model diversity of the Audi TT, either: there is a tailormade version for every set of preferences, whether in the guise of the Coupé or the Roadster. The prices start at only 27,700 euros, and there are four engine versions with four or six cylinders. There are output versions ranging from 110 kW (150 bhp) to 184 kW (250 bhp), as well as four transmission versions: a manual 5 or 6-speed gearbox, a 6-speed tiptronic or the ultra-sporty 6-speed Direct Shift Gearbox DSG. There is front-wheel drive up to the 132 kW versions, for which the quattro four-wheel drive of the top engine versions is also available.

The S line packages and exclusive equipment from quattro GmbH make the Audi TT the perfect dream car for individualists - for those wanting even more luxury than the legendary moccasin seams in the Authentic leather equipment. 

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