June 10, 2004

Audi Certified Champion RS 6 Team Penalized After Successful Win at Lime Rock
Source: Audi Sport  

LE MANS, France (June 10, 2004) - After a well-earned 1-2 finish at Lime Rock Park last weekend, the SCCA organization has opted to not only add the obligatory 75 pounds of Rewards Weight to Randy Pobst's No.1 car (60 pounds to Michael Galati's No.2 car for the 2nd place finish), but the officials have also chosen to increase the weight of both Audi RS 6 "Competition" cars by an additional 100 pounds each. 

A memo received June 9th from Aaron Coalwell, SCCA Pro Racing GT Technical Administrator, regarding clarifications and competition adjustments stated: Audi RS-6 (AWD) (Twin Turbo) (03-04) - Increase Appendix A base weight to 3250 lbs. (+100 lbs.)

"It was our understanding that the considerable increase in REWARDS weights for the 2004 season would better address disparity between GT competitors," stated Rod Bymaster, Motorsports Manager for Audi of America. "We're therefore surprised that the SCCA has chosen to levy additional weight penalties in the form of Competition Adjustments to winners on a per race basis."

"The SCCA has a REWARDS weight system that is designed to equalize performance. 75 pounds for a win is enough," commented Mike Peters, Team Manager, Champion Racing. "The lap times at Lime Rock were very close and the race was a good one. Our team did a great job prior to the Lime Rock weekend and we are being penalized for their success. Unfortunately it seems like the SCCA is trying to balance the performance of the GT class one car at a time."

Randy Pobst (Gainesville, GA). "This is a disappointment to me. I would prefer that the SCCA let it's own reward system work. There were six cars within a half second and that's good competition. No adjustment was necessary."

Michael Galati (Olmstead, OH). "The SCCA is trying to control the series in every way they can. How can they justify their decision based on the times at Lime Rock. Everyone's times were so close. Champion spent a lot of time and effort trying to reduce the weight and make our cars competitive. Now, in one quick decision, they just undid everything we worked so hard for. It just doesn't make any sense. 

Louis Milone (RS 6 Team Leader). "Our Certified Pre-owned Audi RS 6's are very well suited for the Lime Rock circuit. It is my feeling that the SCCA has jumped the gun with this adjustment. We as a team are dedicated to defending our past success. We'll just keep forging ahead."

1. Randy Pobst Audi RS 6 :54.362 
2. Michael Galati Audi RS 6 :54.445 
3. Michael Culver Porsche 911 Cup :54.489 
4. Lou Gigliotti Corvette Z06 :54.580 
5. Max Angelelli Cadillac CTS-V :54.589 
6. Andy Pilgrim Cadillac CTS-V :54.686 
7. Phil McClure Corvette Z06 :55.174 
8. Leighton Reese Corvette Z06 :55.241 

1) Randy Pobst/Gainesville/GA Audi RS 6 54.993 
2) Michael Galati/N. Olmsted/OH Audi RS 6 55.084 
3) Phil McClure Corvette ZO6 55.094 
4) Leighton Reese Corvette ZO6 55.224 
5) Michael Culver Porsche 911 Cup 55.228 
6) Andy Pilgrim Cadillac CTS-V 55.34 
7) Max Angelelli Cadillac CTS-V 55.353 
8) Tommy Archer Viper CompCoupe 55.439