September 22, 2004

New Audi A4 to Arrive in the UK Transformed in Everything But Price
Source: Audi

Latest A4 Saloon and Avant models are transformed by major improvements but pricing structure is little changed

  • Prices just announced for the new 26 model A4 range, starting at 18,765 OTR and rising to 28,725 OTR 
  • Available to order in the UK from mid-October for first deliveries in January 2005 

The comprehensively redesigned and dynamically transformed new Audi A4 opens for ordering in Britain this month following its world public debut next weekend at the 2004 Paris Motor Show (September 25-October 10). Completely overhauled both visually and mechanically, the new 26 model, 10 engine range is to be priced from 18,765 OTR to 28,725 OTR, and the first right-hand-drive examples are scheduled for delivery to customers in January 2005.

In addition to its redesigned exterior, achieved by replacing every body panel bar the roof section and incorporating the new corporate single frame grille, the new 2005 Model Year A4 features four advanced new engines, new transmissions, modifications to suspension, steering and brakes and interior upgrades. The changes in more detail are as follows:

  • Redesigned body incorporates improved side impact protection achieved by strengthening the shell forward of the B-pillar. New A4 also now meets future standards for passive safety including the fast rear crash test FMVSS 301 
  • Four engines are new to this latest A4: 
    2.0 T FSI developing 200PS, 280 Nm. 0-62mph: 7.3 secs; top speed: 149mph; combined mpg 35.3
    3.2 FSI V6 developing 256PS, 330 Nm. 0-62mph: 6.4 secs; top speed: 155mph (governed); combined mpg tba
    2.0 TDI developing 140PS, 320 Nm. 0-62mph: 9.7 secs; top speed: 131 mph; combined mpg 47.9
    3.0 TDI V6 developing 204PS, 450 Nm. 0-62mph: 7.2 secs; top speed: 146mph; combined mpg 36.7 
  • A4 range (excluding S4 quattro) features 10 longitudinally mounted engines in total, all of which are EU4 compliant:
    1.6 (102PS), 2.0 (130PS), 2.0 FSI (150PS), 1.8 T (163PS), 2.0 T FSI (200PS),
    3.2 V6 FSI (256PS), 1.9 TDI (115PS), 2.0 TDI (140PS), 2.5 TDI (163PS),
    3.0 TDI (204PS) 
  • 5-speed and 6-speed manual gearboxes are new `ML' (Manual, Longitudinal) units. 6-speed tiptronic automatic (for quattro models) and latest continuously variable multitronic automatic transmission (for front-wheel drive models) with seven speeds in manual mode are also both new to A4 
  • Dynamic chassis features revised four-link front suspension with a new guide link mounting at the lower link level and link mounts and track rods adopted from the S4 quattro at the upper link level. Shock absorber settings have also been optimised to give a more sporting feel without sacrificing ride comfort. At the rear a new asymmetric mounting has been developed for the trapezoidal link, and larger dimension shock absorbers based on the units in the A6 have been incorporated and tuned accordingly. 
  • The latest Servotronic speed-dependent power steering (until now used only by S4 quattro models in this range) is fitted as standard to all six-cylinder A4 models and also to the 2.0 T FSI versions. It is available as an optional extra for 2.0 (130PS) models and above. The continuing hydraulic rack-and pinion steering system has been modified to suit the new suspension set-up, and now features a modified steering valve characteristic and stiffer track rods from the S4 quattro. 
  • The latest brake system from the A6 and A8 has also been adopted, with enhanced floating-frame Teves 16-inch discs (320mm) at the front and a TRW floating calliper system at the rear (288mm discs) based on the set-up in the S4 quattro. The more powerful four-cylinder models upgrade to a Teves FN3-57 brake system that has so far been reserved for six-cylinder models. Brake temperatures at high load in all systems have been reduced by 100-150 degrees centigrade, helping to further improve performance. 
  • The latest-generation Bosch Electronic Stability Programme (ESP Generation 8) is fitted to the new A4, and features major revisions to the understeer control function, plus Hydraulic Fading Compensation (HFC) for the brake system integrated with hydraulic brake assist and a new brake disc cleaning module. This system uses gentle, imperceptible application of brake pad pressure at regular intervals to keep the discs largely dry in wet weather 
  • New highlights in the interior of the A4 include the latest Audi steering wheel design, mirroring the new single frame grille, and the adoption of the exceptional new DVD satellite navigation system with MP3 player. Available at extra cost for all models, this system operates on the same principles as the acclaimed Multi Media Interface (MMI) found in A6 and A8 models and condenses mapping for virtually the whole of Western Europe into one single DVD. New, even more comfortable seat designs from the A6 have also been adopted, and these can be combined with new cloth and leather upholstery options 
  • Seats also now feature slimmer, active locking head restraints that automatically minimise the distance between the restraint and the head in a rear crash situation. New two-stage `intelligent' airbags are now fitted for the driver and front passenger. Their sensors are capable of assessing the intensity of an impact in fractions of a second and activating only the first phase of the airbag deployment in less severe crashes. A seat belt reminder chime for driver and front passenger is also now a standard feature. 
  • As optional extras, the new A4 now features light and rain sensors and swivelling adaptive cornering lights (if xenon plus headlights are specified) which react to steering inputs and speed data. Daytime running lights are also available in conjunction with xenon plus for optimum safety in conditions where there is heavy shadow or a low-lying sun 
  • New A4 Saloon and Avant range prices are as follows: 

New A4 Saloon OTR  
1.6 18,765 
2.0 19,735 
2.0 FSI 20,665 
1.8T 20,775 
1.8T quattro 22,175 
2.0T FSI 22,175 
2.0T FSI quattro 23,575 
3.2 FSI multitronic 27,575 
3.2 FSI quattro 27,525 
1.9 TDI 20,090 
2.0 TDI 21,340 
2.5 TDI 23,770 
3.0 TDI quattro 26,670 

New A4 Avant OTR  
1.6 19,915 
2.0 20,885 
2.0 FSI 21,815 
1.8T 21,925 
1.8T quattro 23,325 
2.0T FSI 23,325 
2.0T FSI quattro 24,725 
3.2 FSI multitronic 28,725 
3.2 FSI quattro 28,675 
1.9 TDI 21,240 
2.0 TDI 22,490 
2.5 TDI 24,920 
3.0 TDI quattro 27,820