May 24, 2004

Carlisle Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals: Audi 4000 & Coupe GT Get-Together
Text and Photos: Morgan Evans (85-4kq-girl)

It's very common to spot new Audis out and about, but as a driver of a 1985 Audi 4000s Quattro, it is very rare to see a fellow 4000 or Coupe GT on the road. And what's even more unlikely is to see one that's been well cared-for and in good condition both mechanically and aesthetically. But on the weekend of May 21-23, a large group of old-school Audi lovers from AudiWorld converged upon the Carlisle Fairgrounds in central Pennsylvania. What started off as mere talk on the 4000/CGT Forum regarding an import car show in Carlisle turned out to be a full-blown AudiWorld Car Club get together...and what a get together it was!

carlisle2004_1.jpg carlisle2004_2.jpg carlisle2004_3.jpg

The Carlisle Fairgrounds, known for its huge car shows, was already hosting the annual Import-Kit/Replicar show on that very weekend, so the groundwork had been laid for our club to fit right in. The plan was simple: get as many 4000's, 4000 Quattro's, Coupe GT's, 80's, and 90's together in one spot as possible -- and by everybody's standards the plan was a great success.

Of course we owe some gratitude to the first few "brave" AudiWorld'ers who got the ball rolling by going to the Carlisle Fairgrounds website and registering for the weekend's events. Updates were posted weekly on the 4000/CGT and 90/80/CQ/Cab Forums listing who had signed up, and urging others to register for an even bigger turn out. Then over the following months, others followed suit and signed up. There were eventually more than 28 vehicles registered by the weekend of the event!

With the time and energy that had gone into planning the get-together, one would imagine that the event could attract Audi lovers from Pennsylvania and perhaps even neighboring states. Much to our surprise, however, we actually drew AudiWorld'ers from as far south as Georgia, as far west as Indiana, and as far north as New Hampshire who would all eventually descend upon our car club's tent at the fairgrounds.

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Getting closer to "the" weekend, more people were making posts on the forum of last minute repairs. A 14-hour trip (one way) for some attendees would put their 20-year-old cars to the test. The cars' trunks were packed with camping gear for those over-nighting at the fairgrounds, food, snacks, and most importantly: tools. Fortunately, there were no major issues for those of us who drove our cars to Carlisle. Some AudiWorld'ers were unable to complete their repairs in time for the trip, but these members from CT, NY, and western PA drove their non-Audis so as not to miss out on the gathering.

The pictures really can't do these amazing older Audis justice, and it's truly amazing how meticulously the cars had been cared-for (both inside and out) by their owners. Some did last minute detailing in the car line up on the show field, while others just parked and were proud to be amongst similar vehicles...a true rarity! We saw a wide range of both modified and bone stock vehicles reflecting the diversity of the group. At one point, there were five 4000 Quattro's, one 1981 4000 4e, one 1984 4000, three Coupe GT's, one Coupe GT race car, one Coupe Quattro, four 90's, and one 1974 100LS on the field. Also, two A4's who weren't registered as part of our car club showed up and parked in our line up as well.

By registering over 25 vehicles, the fairgrounds provided us with a free tent (proudly dressed-up with a borrowed AudiWorld banner) on the show field which served as headquarters. This was the perfect spot ot hang out, enjoy drinks BBQ and enjoy each other's company as we swapped car stories. The weather was excellent for such a show, and when we weren't at the tent, we were checking out the vendors' area and also seeing other car club displays.

carlisle2004_7.jpg carlisle2004_8.jpg carlisle2004_9.jpg

All in all, for those who attended, the get together was a huge success! Thanks to those from Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania who made the trek to Carlisle, and for your hard work in helping the event come together. Hopefully, we can have a 2nd annual old-school Audi get together next year!

For more pictures, visit and click the link for the 2004 Carlisle GTG.

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