Finally, the moment of truth. I was behind the wheel. The captain of the ship. Åke gave me some great advice on how to tackle a course. Many of the things he told me are counterintuitive, the most obvious one being; give the car gas so that it loses traction and makes the rear come out, then control the spin-out so it brings you out of the turn and lines you up with the next turn. Unfortunately, on the first few laps, by the time I acted on Åke's instructions it was time to concentrate on the next turn. After what was probrably 5 laps but seemed more like 1 it was time to come in. I could have stayed out there all night.

It was the first time this American had seen anything like this. And I'm glad I was able to attend. I had a great time on the frozen river watching all those german stallions blasting down the course at speeds must folk don't feel comfortable maintaining on dry pavement.

My thanks go to those who organized the event. Andreas in the black A4, for kicking his lady friend off and letting me ride shotgun in his ride to experience some extreme lateral force. Petter for letting me ride the DevorcerTT. My first ride in a TT and hopefully not my last. Finally, special thanks to both Åke for not only telling me about the event, but also for giving me a few lessons and putting me behind the wheel of the blue bullet A6.

All the way back Ylva and I had biggest grins on our faces, with Ylva only pausing her show of enjoyment on a few occasions to blurt out; " I can't believe they destroyed my Audi!" See you all at the next meet!

Special thanks to:

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