July 22, 2004

Waterfest 10
Text & Photos by Jason Teller

Having just returned from the "hat trick" of Waterfest attendances I am probably still a relative newcomer. The show, after all, celebrated its tenth year this year. What is clearly different than those early Rapid Parts shows is the ongoing trend of growing Audi attendees. In my short three year tenure I have witnessed a marked increase - the show is a bonafide VW and Audi event if ever there was one.

Make no doubt about it being an event. Waterfest continues to set the bar extremely high for VW/Audi shows everywhere and is the place for enthusiasts to be each July to see modified cars, drag racing, burnouts, a sound off competition, an autocross and to meet like-minded enthusiasts and vendors. As luck would have it the movie I, Robot just happened to come out on Friday night before Waterfest. I won't ruin it for anybody, but can confirm that the Audi RSQ and other models are indeed prominently featured.

This year saw Waterfest divided into a two-day format. As a result the events were actually spaced out at a comfortable pace and attendees were given a little more choice around whether to attend Saturday, Sunday or in many cases both. Admittedly the numbers may have been a little down on Sunday, although the forecast for heavy rain (and the couple of actual downpours) probably contributed more than anything. I can say this much: at the peak of the event on Saturday the booths and exhibitions areas were jam packed with people.

Truthfully it is somewhat difficult to capture in words the comprehensive experience of being at an event like Waterfest. For one thing there is the simple rush of being surrounded by tens of millions of dollars worth of German automobiles in every make, model, color and year. If you love the VAG brand then you just love taking it all in. Secondly, there is the joy of seeing people in person who you've done business with or just chatted with on discussion forums. The camaraderie is all the more amplified by live interaction. Third, there seems to be something for everyone. Between all the events, displays, people-watching and different parts of the show everybody is bound to find something acutely interesting.

Clearly the only way to truly experience Waterfest is to be there. If you've been reading those words for the past couple of years then take it upon yourself to make the trip next year; if you've been right there with us then *wink, wink* you know what I mean. In all fairness this is true for most of the annual events. Be it one of the regional TT events or the upcoming waterwagens show, for the true enthusiast these events are not to be missed.

As usual AudiWorld had a large presence at Waterfest with a booth full of Audis (actually different on Saturday and Sunday) and plenty of AudiWorld swag for sale. The best part for us, of course, is to see and talk to our readers. Enjoy the photo gallery and hope to see you at Waterfest 11.

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