January 26, 2005

2005 TÜV Auto-Report: Audi Among Leaders for Quality and Reliability
Source: Audi of America

Exceptional quality: every year the German technical inspection organisation TÜV publishes its `Auto-Report'. The 2005 edition shows that Audi is the best German premium automobile manufacturer in the category for cars of up to three years old. Audi has not one but two models in this top ten ranking of cars with the least defects. The top-selling Audi A4 achieved an impressive third place in this quality and reliability list. The Audi A2 follows in seventh place, making Audi the only German manufacturer to secure two places in the top ten in this category.

For its 2005 Auto-Report, the TÜV evaluated the results of more than seven and a half million vehicle inspections which it carried out in the previous year. All these vehicles were examined by the TÜV's engineering staff and their defects noted. Each main vehicle inspection called for by law covers more than 100 possible defects, of which the 38 most important ones are analysed by the TÜV in its quality report.