31, 2005

B6 S4 Dyno Shootout
Source: Audiworld
Pictures and Text: Don Pavlik, MachtigAvant v3.0, JDBlueAudiS4

It's shootout time! That's right, 6 B6 S4s wailing on a dyno burying the tach needle to find out who has the hot setup--the king of the heap!

Audiworld is pleased to bring you the results of this unique shootout. Unique because this shootout is brought to you by Audi enthusiasts who wanted to know what configuration was making the most power. Their goal was to bring forth unbiased information for some of the most popular Audi tuners for the S4 without tuners being involved. To gather this information the vehicle owners pooled their resources, purchased a full day of dyno time and buried the hammer. Thanks to JDBlueAudiS4, MachtigAvant v3.0, Dave Maher, Fluffhead, Savant and mindtrip for donating their time, effort, cash and vehicles to make this possible. 

All the vehicles used in the shootout were daily drivers owned by Audiworld forum members and 3rd party shop was chosen with no affiliation with any Audi performance products (Agile Performance in Baltimore, MD--specializing in Subaru performance tuning).

For accurate, consistent, dyno pulls a load-based Dynapack dyno was the equipment of choice and all the dyno runs were performed on the same day under the same test conditions. During the pulls engine data was also logged via a VAG scanner connected to the vehicle diagnostic port. A stock S4 was included in the shootout to provide baseline numbers for comparison. 

Organizing the shootout proved to be a logistical challenge as the cars in the shootout originated from North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and two from New York. All the vehicles were driven to the shootout. And, just to make things interesting, Mother Nature decided to let loose a blizzard that blanketed a large portion of the east coast that very same weekend dropping temperatures into the low teens along with inches, and in some cases, feet of snow. Audi quattro to the rescue.

Test vehicle configurations for the shootout were as follows:

  • 2004 S4 Sedan 6MT Stock
  • 2004 S4 Avant 6MT OCT Stage III software, Milltek fullback system (resonated), Stratmosphere Hyperflow Intake
  • 2004 S4 Sedan 6MT GIAC Stage software, Milltek fullback system (resonated),  Stratmosphere Hyperflow
  • 2004 S4 Sedan 6MT APR Stage software, APR (B&B) fullback system (resonated)
  • 2004 S4 Avant 6MT AMD Stage 2+ Software, ASP prototype fullback system
  • 2004 S4 Sedan 6MT OCT Stage III software, Milltek fullback system

Where noted, a fullback exhaust system consisted of performance downpipes (using the stock exhaust manifolds), high performance catalytic converters and a performance exhaust from the catalytic converter back. Mufflers were used on all cars and in some configurations an additional resonator was used to reduce exhaust noise.

The Results

It's important to realize that the horsepower and torque information presented here includes driveline losses. This is wheel horsepower, not crank (or engine) horsepower that is generally published by vehicle manufactures. To get crank horsepower you'd need an engine dyno. You can "back into" crank horsepower numbers by taking wheel horsepower and factoring in driveline losses with a multiplier but since that leaves much discussion into what the actual losses are we'll just stick with the hard numbers. Speculate amongst yourselves. Also remember that you cannot directly compare load-based dyno results to inertia-based dyno results. Dynapack dynos generally yield more more conservative horsepower numbers than, say, a Mustang dyno. Load based dynos and inertia base dynos are apples to oranges.

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