November 18, 2006

COI (Cliffs of Insanity) 2006
Compiled by: AudiWorld Staff
Photos by: Ryan Macchione

Would you like to tempt fate on the edge of one of the most scenic roads in the entire country? Over 30 miles of non stop twists and turns on the side of a mountain, with nothing between you and a 300 foot drop into the Hudson River but Quattro and a few strategically placed rock barriers and rusty old guardrails. High speed cornering with one of the best backdrops in the North East, and more apexes and elevation changes than you know what to do with.

That introduction – and many people’s fond memories from previous years – was enough to bring out 50+ Audi owners for a fantastic fall event which started in Northern Westchester County, in the town of Yorktown Heights, NY.

COI 2006 was sponsored by Rival Motorsports (which provided raffle prizes and the end of the event) and organized primarily via AudiWorld’s NY/NJ/CT Discussion Forum and the DVAG group. Of course an event like this cannot happen without quite a few individuals who provided planning and event / route management, and in particular AudiWorld reader Fluffhead who was the primary organizer.

Plans are already in the works for COI 2007 next fall. This looks like one event which could very quickly grow in popularity.

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