As both the autocross group and the scenic tour group trickled back into the Trapp lodge lots later in the afternoon the social side of TT-East picked up right where it had left off the previous night. Out of the seemingly small TTs came some fold up hammocks, seats and other interesting things. Folks strolled amongst the cars enjoying each other's company and competing with various tales of the day's events. Here and there are hood was in the air while an owner installed a newly acquired modification or simply talked "shop" with another owner.

Following a delicious dinner in the Trapp Lodge the party continued with a large bonfire gathering behind the lodge.

Saturday began much as Friday did, with many owners making use of the wash stations provided by the organizers and enjoying the beautiful scenery as a backdrop for photos of their cars. Saturday was setup for more scenic drives, a tour south for some shopping and two drives that would ultimately lead to Burlington (Vermont's largest city) for a boat tour on Lake Champlain. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the boat tour...well, almost everybody. More on this later.

After the boat tour, the TT-East attendees all returned to Stowe and the Trapp Family Lodge for the final dinner, the awards ceremony and a raffle. The following awards were recognized for the autocross:

1st place John Housley
2nd place Kurt Triebe
3rd place Chris Conners

The organizers also handed out a special award which in year's past had been referred to as the "flat bed award." This particular honor was always given to the person whose car was hauled off on a truck. Luckily for all, that did not happen at TT-East 2006, so organizers had to come up with something else. One member of the group (who evidently lost track of the day) had phoned another member to inquire about having lunch, only to be told that the group was about to embark on the boat tour an hour or so up the road in Burlington. Oops! So, Glen (VenTTed) won the Bonehead Award at TT-East 2006 - all in good fun.

After the awards came a huge raffle with many items including, sway bars, brakes, boost gauges, carbon fiber pieces, detailing products, t-shirts, hats and on and on. It was hugely entertaining, and interesting when someone won a prize which they already had on their car. Items were thrown back in the pot on more than one occasion, something you rarely see at a raffle!

After the dinner, awards and raffle it was back out to the bonfire to finish off a memorable weekend and what had been called by some long time attendees "the best TT-East ever." Congratulations to the TT-East organizers on the huge success of this event!

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