Standard equipment

With basic prices of EUR 31,900 for the 2.0 TFSI and EUR 39,900 for the 3.2 quattro, the new TT Coupé is pitched at the same level as its predecessor. The four-cylinder version, with 10 bhp more than the first generation, costs only EUR 500 more, and the price of the V6 has actually stayed the same. Considering the increased size, the new technology and the substantially broader range of equipment, the new TT generation is an incomparably attractive product family.

The standard equipment of the TT reflects the character of the TT Coupé: it is insistently sporty but in no way spartan, offering every creature comfort that even dynamic drivers could wish for.

Keen accents: the large wheels

The first external sign of the new Audi TT's potential is provided by its large aluminium wheels. They measure 16 inches on the 2.0 TFSI and 17 inches on the 3.2 quattro an extra inch compared with the predecessor model. The V6 sports a black high-gloss radiator grille and specially designed headlights and rear lights, with factory-fitted xenon plus headlights including daytime running lights.

Front fog lights and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors including heating on the V6 are part of the standard specification for both versions. The automatically retracting spoiler and the exhaust system with two tailpipes provide visual touches at the rear end. A further distinguishing feature of the 3.2 quattro is the individual tailpipes on the left and right, whereas the 2.0 TFSI has both tailpipes grouped as a pair on the left-hand side.

In the interior of the TT, a number of components are finished in aluminium look, while the inlays in the centre console and on the glove box are in Micrometallic grey. Two drinks holders are integrated into the centre tunnel. The sports seats can also be height-adjusted and the sports steering wheel is trimmed in Fine Nappa leather. The 3.2 quattro has heated seat upholstery in leather and Alcantara, and operating features such as the door pull handles are also trimmed in leather.

The automatic air conditioning system regulates the heating and ventilation depending on the angle of sunlight. The driver information system shows information for the on-board computer on its display, and also shows the road speed in digital numbers. Electric window lifts, central locking with radio remote control and the "chorus" radio it belongs to the new generation of audio systems with its CD drive, the three-line graphic display and the four speakers provide a high standard of comfort and convenience for everyday use of the TT. The exceptionally practical facets of this fast coupé include the individually folding rear seat backs. The luggage compartment features four lashing points.

Optional extras

The optional extras available for the new Audi TT introduce a strong hint of luxury into this sports car. Their great diversity means that they offer ample scope for customisation. Design, function, comfort, sportiness and infotainment these are the areas on which the optional extras focus.

For the interior, there are numerous features to choose from that produce an even more refined atmosphere. There is seat upholstery in the leather grades Valetta, Fine Nappa and Leather/Alcantara (standard on 3.2 quattro) and three packages featuring numerous components trimmed in leather and in the top-of-the-range version dyed the same colour as the seats. The basic leather package is standard-spec on the V6. A four-way lumbar support, electric 12-way adjustment and seat heating (standard on the 3.2 quattro) are available as options. The extended aluminium interior look package comprises a large number of controls in aluminium look. The storage package includes nets and storage compartments beneath the front seats, a net in the front passenger's footwell and a net for the luggage compartment.

For young passengers: Isofix mountings

Audi offers various options for enhancing safety yet further. For installing child seats, the range includes optional Isofix mountings on the rear seat, together with rear belt tensioners; these are standard on the front passenger's seat.

The headlight washer system (standard with bi-xenon lights) assures a clear view in snow and rain, and the acoustic parking aid Audi parking system facilitates reversing into a parking space. There are in addition anti-dazzle, fold-in exterior mirrors.

There are versions of the anti-theft alarm with and without interior monitoring. The cruise control system makes driving lengthy stretches of motorway an altogether more relaxing affair. The same applies to the leather multifunction steering wheel, which incorporates buttons for operating the radio, speech control system and telephone. On the versions with S tronic, there are also the shift paddles for the transmission.

Extensive range: wheels and tyres

The tyre sizes 17 inches and upwards are also available as versions with run-flat properties on the new TT. Tyre pressure monitoring is available for the standard tyres. The regular range of wheels includes versions up to 18 inches in diameter. There are aluminium winter wheels in the standard dimensions 16 and 17 inches.

The sporty look is underscored by the "lights" styling package. This incorporates lights with chrome-look design trims at the front and tinted rear-light inserts (standard on the 3.2 quattro and in conjunction with xenon plus). The S line and the exclusive range include aluminium wheels up to 19 inches in diameter.

The S tronic dual-clutch gearbox and the Audi magnetic ride adaptive damping system add an even more dynamic note to the already sporty performance. These two technologies give the TT, and the quattro drive supplied as standard on the 3.2 V6, a unique rank within their competitive field.

Even more choice: the accessories

Customers looking for even more individualistic design options such as sports suspension will find them in the S lines and in the Audi exclusive range from quattro GmbH. The Audi Genuine Accessories range includes numerous attractive, practical and convenient retrofit options from a styling package featuring aerodynamic trim mountings, to an iPod adapter, to a roof rack.

Audi is able to supply the headlights of the new TT in three different versions: standard halogen, xenon plus lights with integral daytime running lights (standard on the 3.2 quattro), and as an optional extra for both engine versions a xenon plus system that incorporates the adaptive light dynamic cornering light system. On this range-topping version, the ellipsoidal module for the dipped and main-beam headlights is pivoted in such a way that it tracks the line of a bend, thus decisively improving the illumination of the road ahead as well as the zone to either side. It is controlled on the basis of parameters such as the speed, steer angle and yaw rate.

Daytime running lights: more safety

The unquestionable safety gain of permanent daytime running lights has until now had its price: an increase in fuel consumption of around 0.2 litres per 100 kilometres. This fact stood in the way of the blanket introduction of this technology throughout Europe. Audi has solved this problem: a dimmed bulb serves as the light source, and the rise in fuel consumption is negligible. With the dipped and main beams in the xenon plus headlights being integrated into the same outer unit, the inner reflector remains free for the use of daytime running lights.

A combined light and rain sensor is also available for the TT as an option; the two technologies activate and deactivate the dipped headlights and windscreen wipers automatically. The sensor is integrated unobtrusively into the base of the interior mirror, up against the windscreen.

Two sensors in the light sensor monitor the ambient brightness and the light conditions in the direction of travel. A microprocessor uses this reading and the road speed to establish whether the dipped headlights are needed. The rain sensor monitors the level of moisture on the windscreen and actuates the windscreen wipers accordingly.

New generation: the infotainment

There is an innovative generation of devices for almost every aspect of the infotainment technology in the new Audi TT, whether the radio sets or the navigation systems.

The three newly developed audio systems have a double DIN frontage format and exhibit other common features. With an eye to the increasing density of radio stations, the developers have improved VHF reception: the sets now process the signals that their two aerials pick up in tandem rather than alternately. According to the latest research, car drivers listen to the radio 80 percent of the time. The simpler controls, too, look progressive: around the large-format three-line display are six softkeys which perform different functions depending on which menu is selected.

The new standard-specification "chorus" radio system features a single CD drive. The "concert" model is able to play MP3-coded tracks, and the top-of-the-range "symphony" model incorporates an MP3-compatible six-CD changer. The latter also features the tried-and-tested memo function that stores traffic reports.

Audio enjoyment: the sound systems

High-quality sound systems ensure audio enjoyment. The "chorus" radio supplies four passive speakers with an output of 40 watts. On the other two models, a digital five-channel amplifier produces an output of 140 watts, spread among nine active speakers.

The range-topping version for the new Audi TT is a surround sound system from the specialist Bose.

It constantly monitors noise interference inside the car via a microphone built into the roof and adjusts the volume according to the frequencies detected, thus by and large masking them. Twelve high-performance speakers, including one subwoofer and one centre speaker, are supplied with a total output of 255 watts from eight separate channels. The outer door panels are designed to act as a kind of speaker housing.

Customers have a choice of two latest-generation radio and navigation systems in the new TT. The display on the smaller version, with a monochrome six-inch display and convenient operation for the telephone, takes its cues from the exemplary MMI concept familiar from Audi's large A6 and A8 model lines. Both sets can be combined with a wide range of other components such as a CD changer or the mobile phone preparation.

As an option, the new Audi TT can be equipped with a mobile phone preparation using modern, uncomplicated Bluetooth technology. The technology is integrated into the storage compartment on the centre tunnel. It incorporates a charging device and a hands-free and speech control function. It can moreover be operated from the leather multifunction sports steering wheel or the navigation systems.

The market

Like its predecessor, the new Audi TT has enormous potential to win over new customers. The customers who are likely to choose it will be predominantly young, dynamic people aged between 30 and 45 the Audi brand's youngest customer group. They will have a high level of education and professional qualifications.

Buyers of the new TT will have an active, sporty lifestyle. They regard their car as a statement of their personal vitality, and attach importance to status, prestige and pleasure. TT customers want to show their success and are highly receptive to new developments.

The decidedly sporty, emotional character of the TT results in a stronger bond between owner and car, which in turn engenders a level of loyalty to the Audi brand that is way above the average.

With the first generation of the Audi TT already having been a huge success, the objectives for the new coupé are equally ambitious. The principal markets will be Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA. In terms of the engine mix, the 2.0 TFSI will be in greater demand than the 3.2 quattro.


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