For 2006 we decided to add something a little different by actually talking to the attendees at Waterfest to see what brought them to the event. We wanted readers to hear about it from somebody else’s point of view. So without further ado...

Attendee: Amanda (20) from Poughkeepsie, NY

  • AudiWorld forum username: blondegurlins4
  • Currently drives: Santorin Blue B5 S4, APR chipped, APR snub mount, downpipes & exhaust (no vendor mentioned), Forge diverter valves, Axis 18” wheels
  • Previous car: VW GTI
  • Heard about Waterfest: From friends, but came to the show with her cousin – first time at Waterfest.
  • Why attended: To cruise and to check out all the great Audi stuff
  • Little known fact: Has never tracked her S4, but really wants to – she came to the show wearing racing shoes
  • Personal quote: “This is such a big, amazing show… I can’t believe it.”

    Attendee: Lance (28) from Shanghai, China

  • AudiWorld forum username: Not registered, but has used the site in the past
  • Currently drives: Dark gray B6 A4 3.0-liter quattro
  • Previous car: Jeep Cherokee
  • Heard about Waterfest: From friends and business associates in NJ – first time at Waterfest
  • Why attended: Lance runs the tuning department of the Chinese Audi Club (, an independent enthusiast club. He is exporting high end US-market modifications/tuning products into China to satisfy a very immature market where younger Audi owners are demanding personalization.
  • Little known fact: Lance plans to swap a supercharged 4.2-liter V8 into his A4
  • Personal quote: “This is a great, wide-open show. I really wanted to see the cars here and take ideas and product information back to the club in China.”

    Attendee: Sarah (25) from Boston, MA

  • AudiWorld forum username: Not registered
  • Currently drives: Black TT Coupe
  • Previous car: Mini Cooper
  • Heard about Waterfest: From her boyfriend, Jacob, after she bought her TT earlier this year – first time at Waterfest
  • Why attended: Came to see friends in NYC, spent Thursday and Friday night in the city and then came to the show on Saturday before heading home Sunday
  • Little known fact: Her dad previously owned an Audi 5000, Audi V8 quattro, Audi S8 and currently drives a brand new A8L
  • Personal quote: “Jacob loves these shows and secretly loves my TT too. I think he’d rather get rid of his Acura TL and get an Audi instead which would make dad very happy… I told him we’re not coming again next year unless he buys an Audi first!”

    Attendees: Dan (32) & Alissa (29) from upstate NY

  • AudiWorld forum usernames: Dan McBoost & Not registered
  • Dan currently drives: Black D2 A8 with Euro headlights / sidemarkers, H&R coilovers and paddle shifter conversion or Silver C5 A6 Avant with allroad headlights
  • Alissa currently drives: ?
  • Alissa’s previous cars: Audi 5000, Audi 4000, Audi V8 quattro
  • Heard about Waterfest: Originally via a cousin in Germany! That said this is their third year at the event
  • Why attended: Meet up with folks and show off the A8
  • Little known fact: The paint on Dan’s A8 is completely custom – it is McClaren SLR black utilizing a coarse (rather than fine) aluminum flake
  • Dan’s personal quote: “We really enjoy coming down to this event because it is a great way to see a lot of people that you ordinarily only talk to on the forums”

    Attendee: Bobby (38) from Brooklyn, NY

  • AudiWorld forum username: bobnob
  • Currently drives: Sprint Blue B7 S4 Avant with 19” HRE wheels
  • Previous car: AMG C32
  • Heard about Waterfest: From friends who have been coming for years – first time at Waterfest
  • Why attended: Drives an Audi now, so figured he better get with the “scene”
  • Little known fact: Bobby is a mechanic for an independent Mercedes-Benz shop, but says he got sick of driving them
  • Personal quote: “I went to an AMG owners’ event once out in Long Island and it was a bunch of old, snooty men wearing white polo shirts…strangest thing in my life. This show [Waterfest] works better for me.”

    Attendee: Aaron from upstate NY

  • AudiWorld forum username: Not registered, but reads the site
  • Currently drives: Silver UrS4 with full RS2 engine, Euro bumpers, two-tone interior and “pretty much everything else”
  • Previous cars: Too many Audis to list
  • Heard about Waterfest: Has known about it for years, but this is his 2nd year at the event
  • Why attended: Partly for business reasons (his family owns and he works for Shokan), but mostly just for the camaraderie
  • Little known fact: Brought a US-legal RS 6 Avant to Waterfest – a Federalized car that Shokan bought at auction and completely refurbished
  • Personal quote: “There are so many more Audis at the show this year, which is really nice. We love being here.”

    Hopefully these quick attendee vignettes help readers get a better idea about what draws people to Waterfest. It should also provide some appreciation for the wide-ranging crowd. As usual, though, we would suggest to readers that they get in their Audis and drive to Englishtown, NJ next mid-July to see for themselves.

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