May 15, 2007

PRIMER 2007 - Hosted by Yarrowsport
By: Kris Hansen

What a difference a year makes. Last year we baked in nearly record temperatures at Yarrowsport in Providence, RI while attending the PRIMER. This year it was cold, overcast and windy. Fortunately, the less than optimal weather conditions did not dissuade hundreds upon hundreds of VW and Audi fans from attending the show. The final tally we were given by event organizers was 640 cars and over 700 people through the gates at Yarrowsport's facility - an admirable attendance number to be sure!

In addition to the weather the show was also a little different this year. The format still included a judged show and parking lot show-and-shine, but the actual show contestants were inside the Yarrowsport shop and showroom instead of outdoors. This not only opened up a lot more space for parking, but provided shelter for the cars and the visitors admiring them.

The overall show winner was James Clark with his clean MKIII Jetta VR6. James' car sported a fully re-upholstered interior and the wheel centers and under hood trim color matched to the color of the cabin. The overall package was very tidy and well executed.

The MKIII's classically styled interior was warm and inviting.

PRIMER is more than just a judged event. The lots surrounding the Yarrowsport shop were jam packed with hundreds of excellent examples of Audis, both stock and modified. This year the Audi attendance seemed even stronger than last year!

This TT practically stole the show based on the crowds that we saw around it throughout the day. AudiWorld reader TighTT drove all the way from New Jersey to attend the show along with some other members of his club.

There was food being cooked on what was perhaps the coolest grill known to man - This MKI VW grill was hauled all the way from Burlington, VT. The lines were long, but the wait was worth it!

We saw a trio of very clean Ur S cars: a black Avant, a black sedan and a white sedan. Nice to see the old school cars displaying their large turbos and wastegates with pride.

Quite possibly the cleanest of the MKV GTIs at PRIMER:

We were treated to a preview of this car, and a few others, on the way to PRIMER. Traveling along I-95 we were all at once immersed in a sea of VWs. It was quite an experience for sure. This car in particular stood out and with it's yellow fog lamps ablaze it looked positively menacing in the rearview mirror coming up from behind.

This A4 had some SERIOUS dish on those rear wheels. We've seen this car before, but it never gets old.

Definitely not something seen every day - here is a BMW 2002 with a 4 cylinder M3 engine. We were told that this car was basically brought back from condemned status and was original to the owner's family. A beautiful restoration and engine swap.

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