Between October 5 and 20, 2008 Audi will bring something new to the U.S. highways. Over a two-week period, Audi will introduce clean diesel, and the Audi TDI clean diesel system, to American consumers coast-to-coast.

AudiWorld has representatives out on the route and will bring ongoing coverage.

    Feature: Audi Mileage Marathon Wrap-Up
AudiWorld's coverage from the road on Audi's epic diesel vehicle road trip.
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    Fast Lane Daily Audi Mileage Marathon Coverage
Video from the road with the crew from Fast Lane Daily.
10.16.08 Episode
10.15.08 Episode
10.14.08 Episode
10.13.08 Episode

    1,000 Miles Down...3,800 to Go
Audi's TDI vehicles completed the first wave of the Mileage Marathon, a 4,800 mile, coast-to-coast endurance drive showing U.S. drivers up close that Audi has recast diesel into an ultra-low emission and fuel efficient alternative to gas-powered engines.
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    The Cleanest Diesel is Also Ultra-Efficient
The new Audi Q7 3.0 TDI with ultra low emission system is the cleanest diesel in the world.
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    Mileage Marathon Microsite
Background, photos, videos, route and even the Audi Diesel Blog - check out Audi's official event site.
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    Audi Mileage Marathon: The World's Cleanest Diesel in its First Endurance Test
Audi launches diesel offensive in the US with major real-world driving tour.
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