June 13, 2008

Carlisle Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals: 5th Annual “Audi Club” Get Together
Text and Photos: Morgan Evans (85-4kq-girl)

Last month from May 16th through the 18th, a large group of Audi enthusiasts converged upon The Carlisle Fairgrounds located in south central Pennsylvania for the 5th year running. This venue in Carlisle, PA hosts the yearly Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals car show which draws attendees from all over U.S. and Canada. This isn't your typical "import show" where only pristine, highly-modified vehicles attend. Here you'll see Opels mixed with Saabs; Fiero kit cars the row next to Volvos and BMWs; and VWs, Audis, and Subarus parked within eyesight-all having model years spanning various decades.

For our 5th year attending this show, the Audi Club put up an impressive number with 92 Audis registered for the event. This remarkable showing far exceeded our numbers in 2004-our inaugural year-where only 27 Audis were registered to attend. This year our high turnout earned the Audi Club second place for the "Car Club Challenge", where the various car groups vie for the highest numbers of vehicles registered to attend the show. (Saab has come in first place every year and this year they had 194!)

New and old Audis are present-from a historic DKW Junior de Luxe to a beautiful R8-all proudly parked in our show field line up. This is the perfect time to see just about every type of Audi from show room-quality A4s, S4s, and 4000s to a well-used Ur-quattro rally car. This car show is a three day event (Friday through Sunday), with Saturday being the largest day for spectators to arrive. This year, many of us arrived Friday and we organized a dinner at a local brew pub for about 80 attendees. Camping is available on-site at the fairgrounds for a small fee, however some choose to stay in local hotels. Saturday is typically an all-day BBQ at our club tent, where everyone brings something from drinks, to grilling meats, to chips, snacks, and desserts. Other organized events such as how-to seminars and a formal auto-cross are available for those who wish to stray from the Audi lineup and participate in other events. The venue is huge (over 80 acres in size) and there is always something to do and see!

Though we didn't win first place for attendance, the Audi Club did win the "Coolest Club Hangout" award. This newly-created award is awarded by the event staff of Carlisle and is given to the club who captures the true Carlisle experience…not necessarily by numbers of cars registered, but by whose members seem to be enjoying the weekend with games, BBQ'ing, drinks, and fun. This certainly wasn't lacking in our section of the show field! The staff of Carlisle saw lots of Audis, saw all the Audi owners participating in a huge all-day long BBQ on Saturday, fun lawn games, and an all-out good time. They had no other choice but to award it to us, and we will proudly display our award banner on the club tent in 2009!

For Audi owners wishing to join the fun next year, "The Audi Club" is not a formal association that one must join. When you register for the show (all done easily on Carlisle's website), you must include a club name. Seeing as there are many different Audi organizations, in order for us all to be considered the same group we needed to choose one easy-to-remember name under which to organize…and that's how the Audi Club was created. We encourage anyone who is interested in attending the show next year, May 15-17, 2009, to pay attention to posts on AudiWorld under the MidAtlantic and 4000/CGT forums (and various others) as early as March for weekly updates. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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