September 4, 1999

2000 TT model preview

The 2000 TT FWD model arrived in North America in May of 1999. Now, with the launch of the rest of the 2000 Audi models, the TT quattro will be joining the ranks.

For the first time in any Audi, the TT quattro incorporates and electro-hydraulically controlled torque distribution system. It has the same advantages as previous quattro systems, is extremely compact and is ideal for installation in the TT.

Also in the fall of 2000 additional exterior colors should become available for all TT models

The already well-equipped TT also comes with a number of optional packages. The Comfort Package ($700), Audio Package ($1200) and the Performance package ($1000).

Look for the 225 hp and Roadster versions of the TT to debut in the spring of 2000.

For details about technical specs and standard equipment on all TT models, please visit the TT section in the Model Guide.