January, 1999

Audi A4 - this model name has stood for one of the most successful automobiles in the top segment of the mid-size class ever since its launch in October 1994. One million of these cars have been produced within just three and a half years.

In Germany, the A4 model line has frequently topped the sales charts in the mid-size category, and in its fourth year, the number of registrations has remained at a high level. Since its launch in 1996, the Audi A4 Avant has been by far the most successful model among competitors in the field of premium, mid-size estate cars.

With stable value-retention for the model line and high customer loyalty in view, we have avoided major "cosmetic surgery". Instead, we have merely moderately accentuated what is still an extremely modern design. A series of detail refinements give the A4 an appearance that is more mature, significantly more powerful, and even more dynamic.

Typical quality features remain unchanged: top levels of fit-and-finish and long-term quality with a fully galvanised bodyshell and a 12-year rust-though protection warranty.

Beginning in February 1999, this successful Audi model will present itself on the market with new, distinctive design elements, an extensive line of safety equipment, a chassis with many reworked details for improved responsiveness and ride comfort, an even more finely matched interior, and air conditioning at no extra cost.

1999 Mid-Year Changes Introduction
Design: sporty and elegant
Inner beauty as well
Progressive infotainment
Extensive chassis modifications
Safety and SIDEGUARD
Varied choice of engines

The equipment specification and data given refer to models available in Germany. Audi reserves the right to make changes. Errors and omissions excepted.

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