The goal of conveying the A4's high level of quality by sight and feel has also been realised consistently in the interior.

The Audi A4 offers buyers unusual scope for designing the interior in exact accordance with their personal tastes.

The three interior decor lines Advance, Ambition, and Ambiente offer a total of 36 different combinations of colours, types of fabric (or leather), and wood or aluminium trim. Each of these three lines has a character all its own. The price is identical for all three lines. Not the figures in the price list but the customer's individual desires and personal tastes are the decisive factors.

Advance, the natural style, exudes an air of cool confidence. With the basic trim featuring Jacquard Relief fabric, there is a choice between the Tango, Lago, and Slate colours, with the aluminium inserts in the doors and dashboard in Stripes décor, colour Quartz.

The design options for the Ambition decor represent a modern interpretation of dynamism and sporting elegance. In the basic version, it has Nautilus fabric in the colours Onyx or Shell grey and aluminium inserts in Stars décor, colour Graphite.

With bright, lively colours and supple materials, the Ambiente interior decor line demonstrates elegance and personality. The Siena fabric or Monet velour (available as an optional extra) offers a choice of colour between Royal Blue and Shell grey. This is accompanied by aluminium inserts in Points decor, colour Basalt.

Individual leather (available in seven different colours) and specific wood applications matched to the interior trim are also available as optional extras.

Within each decor line, the colours of the dash panel, roof lining, seat belts, carpets, door trim, and floor mats have been carefully matched to the seat fabric or leather. This harmony in colour is now being refined to include additional interior elements: the air outlet vents, loudspeaker trims, and even the gear-shift lever knob and handbrake lever are now matched to the colour used for the interior. The steering wheel is also included and harmonised with the upper surface of the dash panel.

The interior of the Audi A4 has always conveyed an impression of high value and functionality. Numerous improvements have now given it an even greater air of quality. Here as always we followed the principle "every detail is crucial."

The completely redesigned centre console, for instance, is an important feature of this latest version of the Audi A4.

The controls for the rear-window wiper and heated seats have been integrated into the air conditioning control unit. The system retains its ability to respond to the angle of the sun. The output curve varies according to the sun's position. The cooling output in winter differs from that in summer, even when set to the same temperature. The climate memory function, however, is new: the last setting can be assigned to a maximum of four vehicle keys, and the corresponding air-conditioning settings selected automatically. Automatic air-conditioning can also be ordered now at no extra charge.

In the upper part of the centre console, the previous switches have been replaced by a new type, as already introduced with the A6. All buttons are illuminated; the user clearly feels a pressure point, and thus always receives confirmatory feedback without having to check an indicator light. The air vents on the dash panel have illuminated markings to simplify operation at night.

An exterior temperature display within the driver's field of vision is now standard equipment as well.

Quality is the impression conveyed by each detail: the trim panels have an even more pleasant surface and higher-grade appearance, and the gleaming polished aluminium frame of the gearshift lever provides a distinctive accent.

The new "soft-touch" ashtray cover opens with hydraulic damping when tapped gently. The cigarette lighter is now at an easy-to-reach location on the centre console.

Silicone-damped grab handles in the roof, which return slowly and quietly to their out-of-use position after being released, are now also part of the Audi A4's standard equipment. The loop handle (which is now even easier to operate than the previous handle) for manual forward-back adjustment of the seat is also a detail improvement in comfort and convenience.

New roof light units are part of the Audi A4's comprehensive interior lighting concept. The reading lamps at the front and rear, which are combined with an interior lamp in each case, and two diode lights for the indirect illumination of the centre console, ensure that the interior can be illuminated as flexibly as needed. The footwell lighting at the front makes it easier to get in and out, and active reflectors on all doors warn traffic coming up from behind.

As well as the driver's seat with optional power adjustment, this option is now also available for the front-seat passenger's seat. A lumbar support with power adjustment is included, and can also be ordered separately as an optional extra.

Back-seat passengers benefit from a change in rear seat design: the outer rear seats have more pronounced contours and consequently offer more side support. It is, of course, still possible for three people to sit in the rear. Thanks to the new location of the two cup holders on the centre console, the back-seat passengers can also reach them.

The Recaro sport seat with raised side supports, power adjustment of the seat back, adjustable thigh support, power height and angle adjustment, and two-way power lumbar support is also available as an optional extra. This offer includes an asymmetrically split folding rear seat back and provision for through-loading.

The saloon's luggage compartment has a capacity of 440 litres, which can be enlarged to 720 litres by folding down the rear seat back. For the Audi A4 Avant, these volumes are 390 and 1,250 litres respectively. Here again, attention to detail can be seen in an abundance of new features.

For the saloon and the Avant, the loop for the luggage compartment lock is automatically covered when the rear hatch is opened - a well thought-through detail that is a good example of the philosophy of systematic further development and the A4's enhanced premium character.

Among other things, the Audi A4 saloon's luggage compartment is now lined with a high-quality decor material in Flannel Gray. For the A4 Avant, the securing points for the dividing net (which is now standard equipment) have been recessed into the roof lining, which makes the interior look even better ˛organised.˛ Besides this, the Avant's luggage area also features a 12-volt electric power socket, which can be used for a cold-store box or a vacuum cleaner. The third button on the optional radio remote control for the central locking system enables the boot lid or rear hatch for the saloon and Avant to be unlocked separately.

1999 Mid-Year Changes Introduction
Design: sporty and elegant
Inner beauty as well
Progressive infotainment
Extensive chassis modifications
Safety and SIDEGUARD
Varied choice of engines

The equipment specification and data given refer to models available in Germany. Audi reserves the right to make changes. Errors and omissions excepted.

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