Photos and Article by Neil McGarry

As I walked through the paddock at Sears Point, I count not believe all of the cars that were being prepped for the track. The Porsche club, Viper club, RX-7 club, NASCAR style cars, a Golf GTI series and of course the A4/Passat group. There were hundreds cars and I had never seen a track that full before. The NorCal A4 club had some tense moments in the morning as they tried to protect the roped off area reserved in the paddock for the event. The area got smaller, but there was still room for the approximately 100 of the featured cars, tents for vendors and the Intrax Motorsports trailer with the race prepped A4 inside. This race car is a joint venture between AMS/Intrax and is driven by Intrax owner Scott Hartmann. 

The NorCal A4 club held a raffle for a bounty of prizes that totaled over $12,000!  I came home with a set of Neuspeed Sport springs and Edmund Louie walked off with the A4.Org-donated Microsoft Force Feedback Steering Wheel. The most wanted prize was a specialy prepared quattro branded mountain bike donated by 2 Bennet Automotive.

Lots of modified A4's and Passat's showed up from both vendors and individuals. Check out this rebadged Passat

Make sure to go to next years NorCal event as this is one A4 enthusiast show not to miss!

There are many more pictures from this event available online. Browse the picture directory to see them all! You can also check out the write-up about the Northeast event here.

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