April Fool's Day FAQ

Question: Are these photos really fakes?
Answer: Yes. These are fake pictures created from an allroad press photo.

Question: Did Matt Daniels really make these fake photos?
Answer: Yes. These are fake pictures created by Matt Daniels using Photoshop.

Question: Are there actual plans for an Audi SUV?
Answer: How should we know? This is a joke. We would presume not.

Question: Who is Hans Gruber?
Answer: He was the bad guy in the original Die Hard movie.

Question: Does Audi know about these fake photos?
Answer: No, but we're hoping that they celebrate April Fool's Day in Germany too!!

Question: Can you get more information about these photos and other Audi spy photos on the 'net?
Answer: Yes. We are planning a feature article about spy photos in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Question: One more time, are these really fakes? Does A4.Org want to see them circulating on the 'net?
Answer: Please do us a favor. Enjoy the joke and leave it at that. There is no truth to any of this!

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