While we were in Germany we had the opportunity to take numerous pictures. On this page you will find over 100 photos from the trip. Most of them are Audi related, but there are a few from our site seeing as well. One of the more notable pictures is of the Audi Avus show car that was on display at the Neckarsulm factory. Also, there are images of the original TTS roadster concept car and the Audi Spyder concept car - both were at the Audi Historical Museum.

Unfortunatly, we were not allowed to take photos of the actual production lines at the two factories. However, there should be plenty others to make the Audi fan happy.

All images are divided by the day we were there, then sub-divided into areas of interest. Each includes a brief discription of the image. Once you are done viewing an image, use your 'back' button to return to this index page.

Arrival, Munich Airport and the Audi Forum
Jason & Neil in the Munich Airport
Jason & Neil by our newly aquired A6
The Audi Forum - A new 1999 A4, complete with mid-year changes
The Audi Forum - Interior of the 1999 A4
The Audi Forum - A4 Navigation System close-up
The Audi Forum - Wide angle shot of the A4 interior
The Audi Forum - The A4's cell phone
The Audi Forum - A4 Wheel
The Audi Forum - The improved A4 headlight
The Audi Forum - A Classic Auto Union Car
The Audi Forum - The Audi TT

Around town in Ingolstadt
Jason trying to program the Navigation System
Train load of A4's
Transport truck with A4's and A3's
A4 Avant police car
A4 Avant police car
S4 Avant at the Audi Service Center
Yellow S4 at the Audi Service Center
225 TT Quattro at the Audi Service Center
A "Java Green" A4
A4 "duo" - Electric/Gas A4
A very interesting mid-80's Audi 90 (a 4000 to us North Americans)

The Audi Design Center - A dealer show room mock-up
Sign outside the building
The "show room"
Hard-top Cabriolet
Audi A3
A3 interior - right hand drive

Quick MTM stop - Nobody was at the office
A building in the middle of town (we were lost)
Neil outsite the MTM building
Interesting looking Coupe Quattro (more details to follow)

The Audi Center - Ingolstadt Factory
A Yellow S4 Avant & Red A3 ready for customer pick-up at the Audi Center
A cut-away A6
Close up of the cut-away quattro rear-axle
Two S4 Avants outside the Audi Center
S4 Avants
S4 Avants (again)
Jason Teller and our A6
Another pic of Jason and the A6 - Notice the new building going up in the background
The starting area of our tour
A silver A4 in the show room
The silver A4's interior - notice the red leather sport seats
Another interior shot
Audi Advertising display
Audi Advertising display #2

Ingolstadt Factory Tour
Unfortunatly, no cameras where permitted in the production area. Not even our American Charm could get us permission to take photos.

MTM Visit
The MTM Building
An Audi TT being worked on
Another shot of the TT
A VW Golf leaving the building
Here's that Coupe quattro again - it was modified to look like a Sport Coupe quattro
The engine - about 400 hp
MTM's S1 rally car
S1 front end close up
S1 interior
S1 engine - 600 hp
S1 engine
S1 "trunk"
Neil & Matt squeaze into the S1
A collection of motorcycles
Quick note: The garage that housed the MTM S1 also was the home a 1956 Corvett, a Lamborghini Contach, and about 2 dozen motorcycles.

The Audi History Museum
The first row of cars - notice the original TTS roadster concept car
TTS interior
TTS interior
TTS interior
Audi TTS
Audi 50
Auto Union race car
The Audi Spyder
The Audi Spyder #2
Spyder interior
Spyder interior #2

The Audi Center - Neckarsulm Factory
The Audi Avus
The Audi Avus #2
The Audi Avus #3
The Audi Avus #4
A Black TT
Black TT #2
The is all Jason could afford for his next car
Interior display
Navigation System display

Neckarsulm Factory Tour
No photos here either.

Around the factory
A Jetta Syncro
A V8 Audi A6
V8 Audi A6 #2

Details shots of the Navigation System
Map display
TV Display

Around town in Munich
Glockenspiel im Rathausturm
Shopping center

An Audi dealer we came across
TT in the window
TT and A3
A4 Avant

Deutsches Museum
Auto Union race car
Auto Union engine
A Frank Biela Audi race car
A Frank Biela Audi race car #2
A Frank Biela Audi race car #3
A Frank Biela Audi race car #4
Neil obeying all the museum rules
A NSU motorcycle
A Audi R/C - part of a childrens exhibit
The Munich skyline

Last visit to the Audi Forum at the airport
The Audi Forum
Audi Forum main entrance
Audi Forum main entrance #2
The Audi Forum #2
Last look at the '99.5 A4
Last look at the '99.5 A4 #2
Last look at the '99.5 A4 #3
Image inside the Forum - engine
Image inside the Forum - Navigation system
Our A6 and the airport tower
A6 and the Forum
Last look at our A6

Getting ready to leave
Neil guarding the bags
Jason looking cool for the ladies
Ready for the trip home

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