Abt TT-R

September 19, 1999

IAA 1999 - Focus on the Abt TT-R
Article and photos by Jason Teller

Abt showed six specially tuned automobiles at the Frankfurt Auto Show this year. There is no doubt that the highlight of their booth was the TT-R -- an Audi TT based super sports car with a tuned six cylinder biturbo engine. The TT-R puts out an amazing 350 hp, propelling the car from 0-62 mph in a mere 5.0 seconds. All of the styling components on the car were developed inside a wind tunnel to ensure aerodynamic design and appropriate down force. The complete car consists of the following features:

  • 6-cylinder biturbo engine

  • Hydropneumatic 6-gear steering wheel shifter with digital gear indicator and modified gear ratios

  • Carbon-fiber styling kit painted in the car's colour, including: frontspoiler / frontgrille / flared fenders / side skirts / rear skirt (additional to standard) / rear diffuser / rear wing

  • Abt-entrance seals

  • Abt=sports braking system

  • Abt-sports suspension kit 50 mm lower, adjustable absorbers, reinforced and adjustable stabilizers

  • Abt-security roll-bar in polished aluminum

  • Abt-Recaro sports seats

  • Abt-leather interior bi-coloured, combination of napa leather and alcantara

  • Abt-speedometer up to 310 km/h (192 mph)

  • Abt-wiper system with one wiper arm

  • Abt-exhaust system double twin pipes made of stainless steel with two metal-catalysts

  • Abt-sports wheels 9x19 offset 35, three-piece forged

I was not allowed to sit in the car, although I could see the upholstery (as described above) and the shifter controls on the steering wheel. So far Abt has produced just one of these cars -- the one at the show. I was told that each car will take 3 people eight weeks to build, and that total production is to be limited to 25. The car is based on the 225 hp TT quattro only and costs approximately 250,000 DM (approx. $140,000 USD).