September 23, 1999

IAA 1999 - Focus on Tuned Audi's
Article and photos by Jason Teller

The Frankfurt Auto Show is a lot more than just manufacturer displays. What makes this show so unique is that all of the major tuners are also displaying their work for the public's admiration. One hall in particular was a feast for the Audi/VW enthusiast with booths from Projektzwo, Oettinger, Avante Garde and Abt. The good thing for North Americans is that many of the components shown in these pictures are available today through various distributors. The only bad news could be the price that an owner would pay for a full car makeover!

Unfortunately I was not able to gather specs, pricing and further details about the cars in these pictures. In many cases the representatives' English wasn't that good (and my German is non-existent). In other cases the literature was only printed in German. There is further information about the Abt TT-R -- there is an entire feature article devoted to it which you can access through the previous screen.

Click on any picture to view an enlarged version:

tt_roadster.jpg avantgarde_a6.jpg avantgarde_a62.jpg avantgarde_a63.jpg avantgarde_tt.jpg
oettinger_a4.jpg oettinger_a6.jpg oettinger_a6wheel.jpg projektzwo.jpg s6_interior.jpg

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