December, 1999
An Audi gathering in Northern Virginia:
Written by Warren Wang

It all started as some posts on the forums between a few S4 owners who live within a small radius of each other. We tossed around the idea about getting together for lunch, and decided on the Silver Diner in Reston, VA on December the 18th. Everyone was invited, as car enthusiast meetings are more fun with more people and more cars!

No one was quite sure about the headcount, but thankfully, Todd Blakeman had the foresight to call ahead to the Silver Diner and block off a 20 person section of the restaurant.

The outcome was better than any of us could have imagined. Twelve Audi S4's, two 1.8T A4's, one 2.8 30v A4, and a beautiful red Ur-Quattro. 19 people showed up, significant others included. Not too bad for an impromtu meeting.

Two of the S4's were chipped. One by Autothority, and another by MTM. Both were very quick. They both graciously let people ride in their cars, and even exchanged rides for a few minutes. Needless to say, there were quite a few grins afterwards.

Although this wasn't an official Quattro Club meeting, Marc Nguyen showed up in his red Ur-Quattro to inform people about the club. Next month the local area Quattro Club will be gathering for a monthly meeting, and there will be a tech session hosted by Heishman's. Hopefully everyone from this meeting will make it, along with others from the Quattro Club. For more information, see:

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